Link Dead Radio: Ranting, WoW clones, and Twitch Time

The Links

  • The main humble bundle has ended and if you didn’t grab it WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!… anyway there is an interesting looking humble weekly bundle that’s focused more on sound and an electronic aesthetic ending in 3 days.
  • I have touched the sky argues the how and why of comparisons to wow and near every other mmo with an analogy of fruit… seemed fitting after just going through a healthy eating week at work
  • Virtual stowaway discusses the Beowulf fables and it’s connections to our modern games, in particular Skyrim
  • Teso Elite have been contemplating certain strategies for the upcoming AvA in the Elder Scrolls…. Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease be good
  • Design a golem competition to win a mister sparkles pet code over at  Mana obscura
  • Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual is ranting about cash shops again although this time there is a decent debate of both sides by himself and Mr Brian Green in the comments section. It extends on to the next post as well.

There has been a bit of talk about the guild wars 2 WvW leagues this week.

  • Digital Salad has a couple things to say about concerns and his servers dismal reaction to the new competitive standard
  • Inventory Full has a nice recap of his experiences with the various areas of WvW and certain inherent flaws.


  • Team Riot will be streaming the new WvW lobby map once they get in so it might be worth keeping an eye on it. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like TKG will get in being as we’re a small guild and one of our members maybe trolled Groucharo pretty hard not to long ago.
  • OOOOOOoo… and a meber of TKG will now be streaming a lot of our WvW fun, The crazy Weng himself so take a look

The vids

10 better stories than Beyond two souls… a great rant by Jim sterling

There is an all cat version of the Attack on Titan anime opening… the beauty of the internet at work

NEW SHINY.. although it does have some of the most ridiculous armors.. even for an Eastern mmo,. Dem devs like boobs


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