Revisiting the Old or Waiting for New

As time goes on I can feel that urge for to delve within a large player driven sandbox growing stronger within me. For years now that feeling has mostly gone unfulfilled by this glut of themepark orientated games and recently playing a couple open-ended ones has made the feeling stronger. I love what many of them do, some have even brought forward interesting mechanics that I would like to see more of but they are always missing that key feeling only more open-ended experiences can give.

I was just talking yesterday to Mr Murphy about these sandbox games and it seems as both of us have grown older the want for alternative activities like housing has grown. I assume many others feel this way as well as it might just be a by product of gettig older; the endless killing, combat, and dungeoneering just gets cold of old and you need more down time activities to occupy but unfortunately the industry has been slow to change it’s course towards these content types.

I’m waiting like many for the next generation of games as they seem to be focusing more on this style of play but I still have concerns about how much, not to mention how long they are going to take to get to use here in the west.

To fill the time there is plenty of other games I can enjoy but… I am wanting that sort of experience. I’ve actually been thinking about playing some of those older games, the classics that spawned the genre and seemed to be the definition of what mmo’s should be. I’ve never actually played any of them before and sometimes I feel that I should to gain a greater understanding of the genre and more so for personal growth. How can I truly know if I want that style of mmo if I’ve never actually played one…. a real one that is.

It seems though that the glory of these games and servers tare greatly diminished from what they used to be. Much of the magic that comes from being part of the initial community crush is gone, replaced by tired veterans and folks attached to a community more so than the game.

Many are lucky to have 100 or so players, this while a decent population is nowhere near the excitement that can be gained compared to what it used to be. There were never thousands on one server to begin with I believe but there were enough to create an extremely lively world rather than just a busy city.

When it’s a larger population and a new game it seems easier to form your own little community of friends and regulars as everyone is learning and usually seeking out people themselves. But when it is such a small, long running and tight nit community I would feel as though I’m an intruder. I’m sure they have seen many new players come and go after only short periods so I guess even they would be a bit apprehensive towards others at first.

If I’m playing an mmo I tend to lean more to the social side and if I can’t get a reasonable group then I usually don’t bother which might make it harder far more to feel interested enough to stay in these old school games long enough to get a decent experience out of it.



10 thoughts on “Revisiting the Old or Waiting for New

  1. Very few of the older MMOs have actually remained faithful to the zeitgeist of the day. Unless you find a 2nd age UO emulation server, the game today has little in common with the PvP mess of the early years and skill paths. EQ pre-PoS (was always an odd acronym) is significantly different than today’s solo-friendlier game. It’s not like picking up a SRPG of the day, where there are no patches and the game as it was then is the same as today. MMOs, by their very nature, evolve to meet market needs. Looking back is always going to be with rose-tinted glasses as it’s nearly impossible to empirically prove anything.

    You can play them, just remember that you’re not really playing the game the vets did.

    • yeh, looking at the private server list and it seems many have taken it upon themselves to alter the foundations. Some, and the more popular ones forsake key elements. Still.. they are still vastly different from what we have today so there might be a certain amount of learning to be had.

      I agree that many have changed to suit the current zeitgeist but that is slowly changing even know towards maybe a more hybrid system between the two

  2. It’s the same for me after 10+ years of MMOing and I can’t say for sure if it’s my age (as in lifestyle changes) or general gameplay fatigue. a lot feels been there done that to me, especially raiding, but it’s safe to say that both cumulative experiences and age play a role for most of us.
    I’m more interested in the so-called casual and sandboxy elements of upcoming games than I used to be. in a way, you could say I’ve grown to be more diverse in my playstyle. well…whatever TESO and co. will bring, give me a vast world to explore and we’re halfway there. 🙂

    • Wow that’s a long time… I couldn’t even imagine. I’m bored after.. Hmm.. 3 or 4.

      Maybe it’s because I never grew up and got immersed in those earlier worlds. No hooks of nostalgia in me and so I have no comparisons but between all these clones.

      A decent world to explore is a big part, and I think it’s the main reason why I pick up each new iteration but I just need to have one, one decent one where I can leave my mark on it.

  3. I’m kind of in the same boat. None of the current MMOs are holding my attention right now. I’m still dabbling in SWTOR and TSW, but with no real direction. Unfortunately few of the upcoming MMOs are grabbing my attention either.

    ESO looks exactly like every other fantasy MMO out there right now, and the jury is still out on EQNext. The only one I’m actually looking forwards to right now is Camelot Unchained, but that’s still a couple of years out at least. At least there are plenty of great single-player games on my to-do list once I’ve finished my Dragon Age playthrough.

    If you’re going to try out an old-school MMO I’ll just echo what Asmiroth says – none of them bear any real resemblance to how they really were back in the day. You could try the P1999 Everquest private server, which is about as close as you’ll get I think.

    • wow even you… so many people are excited for CU that I never would have picked…. it’s good to see and it might become one of the big Kickstarter successes at this stage.

      ESO looks like a decent iteration on the modern themepark but one that has learnt from the failures around it. I’m interested to see how it goes for sure.

      lots of other games out there though… hence terraria playing… maybe soon Starbound and plenty of others so it’s not an issue.

      thanks for the suggestion on that server I’ll look it up

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