The Terraria Times: Corruption Control and Battling bosess

Another busy week deep within Terraria of course although I might have played a couple other puzzly type games but I think ‘ll write about those later.

I’ve mostly completed my aimless building projects now and stocked up on a lot of the needed materials. Lots of monster bitsies and plenty of ore. I was gong to start on my underground frozen fortress and maybe a pirate ship within one of the oceans (that’s totally still going in) but it seems someone was too eager and initiated Hard mode ahead of schedule.
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Link Dead Radio: Hats, Halloween, and making a Home

The Links

  • Gamasutra has an interview with the Fullbright company about what goes into making an engaging story and the decisions behind Gone Home
  • Herding Cats is arguing that pay to win can include the purchase of hats. My end game tends to revolve more around cosmetics at times so I have to agree as well
  • There is a post exploring our psychological propensity to be asses towards eachother online at Life as a Digital Salad
  • And of course I had to include one Halloween inspired post; I’ve read plenty of ones about movies, food, monsters and games but this one about Four frightening Industry facts was amusing

The Vids

Shroud of Avatar might be good, although I am a little nervous now

So excited for the Repopulation and it’s not a murky grey pixel graveyard anymore.

The Pics

Gone home Library


My lovely Pumpkin
Terraria pumpkin

The spelunker potions make the world look purrrrty

Terraria spelunker