Link Dead Radio: Hats, Halloween, and making a Home

The Links

  • Gamasutra has an interview with the Fullbright company about what goes into making an engaging story and the decisions behind Gone Home
  • Herding Cats is arguing that pay to win can include the purchase of hats. My end game tends to revolve more around cosmetics at times so I have to agree as well
  • There is a post exploring our psychological propensity to be asses towards eachother online at Life as a Digital Salad
  • And of course I had to include one Halloween inspired post; I’ve read plenty of ones about movies, food, monsters and games but this one about Four frightening Industry facts was amusing

The Vids

Shroud of Avatar might be good, although I am a little nervous now

So excited for the Repopulation and it’s not a murky grey pixel graveyard anymore.

The Pics

Gone home Library


My lovely Pumpkin
Terraria pumpkin

The spelunker potions make the world look purrrrty

Terraria spelunker

4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Hats, Halloween, and making a Home

  1. I’d say I am nervous about Shrouds, but I don’t expect anything. It is the only Kickstarter that I donated to yet pulled out of. I think Garriott still has some talent in the tank, but not enough to do this on his own.

    • it just looks and sounds so ancient in every possible way, that might be a good thing for them but I do like certain modern features and polish.
      It miht turn out ok if the can get that economic and community growth but I think it will very much be a slow burn project.

      • The whole full-sentence parsing is such a weird choice to go with. Does Lord British really believe people have been hankering after that all these years? I speak as someone who played full-sentence text adventures in the 1980s and was still speaking to NPCs in Everquest in full, grammatically-correct sentences right until the middle of of the 200s.

        No matter how romantic your imagination, in the end everyone but the hardest of hardcore roleplayers ends up just typing what they believe to be the key words because eventually it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that you are just matching words with a computer program, not talking to a real person. It was apparent from that demonstration that that realization is going to come sooner rather than later in Shroud of the Avatar.

        The crafting also has that exact look of something that used to be very common in MMOs and RPGs, namely a pseudo-realistic find-and-use interface that goes from immersive to infuriating in almost no time at all. Yes, finding your hammer and your leather straps and your sheet of metal in your bag and dragging and dropping them onto a table is great fun the first few times you do it but try doing it a few hundred or thousand times and then see whether you wouldn’t just rather press one key and have the game find all the stuff for you.

        Other than that, it actually looked more intriguing than I was expecting. The housing looked particularly fine.

      • He does seem to have both an antiquated and romantic view of the genre which really shows in the mechanics he shows off and what he is excited for. He is a bit too old school now with little to know understanding of the modern games. sure we want much of the old school vibe back, but not at the expense of the modern conveniences we take for granted.

        it will be a novelty at first, then something more for the RP people… which isn’t such a bad thing. World building is always appreciated in my books and while I would rather that done by players this is still reasonable. It’s really up to how far you can go with these interactions rather than just being some text mini-game.

        As for the crafting it could work out ok if your not having to craft 100 blades of cruel killing just to up yourself to the next tier… that would be extremely tedious. If your only having to make certain items to unlock it… or maybe just a research tree then crafting a minimal amount for what’s needed would be great. t would also create a time cost for the items too that might transfer into item worth.

        It’s all very much an unknown though

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