The Terraria Times: Corruption Control and Battling bosess

Another busy week deep within Terraria of course although I might have played a couple other puzzly type games but I think ‘ll write about those later.

I’ve mostly completed my aimless building projects now and stocked up on a lot of the needed materials. Lots of monster bitsies and plenty of ore. I was gong to start on my underground frozen fortress and maybe a pirate ship within one of the oceans (that’s totally still going in) but it seems someone was too eager and initiated Hard mode ahead of schedule.

In case you haven’t played, hard mode begins immediately after killing a certain big boss type and after spawns certain new biomedical, or types of areas that rapidly spread outwards corrupting everything nearby. This creates spaces that are far more dangerous as well as completely changing certain needed resources and materials if not kept under control. For instance there is actually very little untainted sand on the surface now which might have caused issues later on if not for the ability to import materials.

The corruption managed to spread right up to and nearly under our base of operations until we completely dug around and under it. The corruption to the left is still going everywhere though and is now all over my poor pumpkin. There is an area now called the crimson for obvious reasons, that kind of resembles that weird stuff the aliens spread in War of World’s (tom cruise version) that also brings with it some creepy new critters. I’m not sure if it was player created or just popped up one day. It spreads ridiculously fast and there were many “Oh shit!” moments after finding it spreading out another vein into untainted  territory

Terraria Crimson

There is another type of area called the hallow, hollow.. Hmm something holy but that one is everywhere with little chance of stopping it. The stuff that spawns out of it isn’t so bad though and those bricks make awesome building materials so it’s not too bad. It brings FRICKEN UNICORNS too but I maybe might have killed one and pilfered it’s horn.

These new areas are an interesting addition to the game as it has become a collaborative effort to control them. Digging large expansive tunnels surrounding them, bricking up where we can and even spraying a certain pesticide to get it under control. There are even separate created biomes completely underground now as a way of preserving certain types of a resources and mobs.

Terraria Biomes

It’s taken up a lot of time but it’s nice having this expansive group goals. I honestly would have just let it all run riot but others provide that positive influence to maybe help out for the greater good.

The monster types are way tougher now though. It was hard at first as they could kill you rather quickly if you weren’t careful (and still do). New resources were an awesome way to make up for it, they increase you rather well in po[wer to match (although some areas are still tough), I’ve gone through three sets of gear this week alone. A good part is that many aren’t a huge upgrade in terms of armor and damage and are more about specific bonuses. I now tend to switch between them as I need as some sets are better for certain situations; a tougher set for solo play, my healing support set for group play, and one for shooting things.

The other thing we’ve been doing is killing all the new hard mode bosses. At first it was an absolute slaughter, a manageable one at times when you initiated it but a blood bath when they randomly spawned and reeked havoc on us unprepared mortals. We have just about killed them all now except the Brain of Cthulhu. Most are rather easy and have been thoroughly farmed for items and drops, Plantera though still sends us running with fear when we inadvertently hit one of its many bulbs. It’s insane the speed and damage it has and with the level of lag I sometimes get it’s still near impossible to kill without cheesing it at a rest point.

Terraria Plantera

In Soviet Russia plant eats you!

The Halloween event that you can start is really awesome. It’s a multi-waved event where they steadily increase in difficulty by adding more and harder mob types. It gets ridiculously challenging later on once when your dealing with bosses like the Pumpking as well as large waves of mobs. It is also an event completely under the timer of night and depending on how quickly you can defeat the various waves determines how quickly the waves progress. It’s a chaotic mix of trying to kill things as quickly as possible, spamming all your skills at everything and then trying to not to die.

The first times we really failed quite miserable, dying a lot and really not killing at the pace needed. Then we had the bright idea to turn the arena and surrounding areas into a death machine by using all the traps and such we had taken from the dungeons and wow that worked wonderfully. It was almost like a meat grinder at times churning mobs into wonderful loot. It was fun working with all the wires and triggers as well since it is not something I’ve ever done in Terraria before and they are really quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Terraria meat grinder

New and Improved Meat grinder

I can actually see the end in sight now with Terraria, well maybe not the complete end as I’ll keep the world up for an extra month and might just come back for some aimless building. There are also a couple of projects I want to work on as well as maybe crafting some of the awesome weapons, maybe a few different armour sets, there are still more cosmetics out there, OOOOHH and I don’t have any pets yet.

Hmm.. maybe the end isn’t that close yet after all. The beauty of horizontal progression right there ladies and gentleman

End pics

These crystals each add their own colour to the area and it is ridiculously pretty in game

Terraria crystal

I might have also killed poor Falcor… HE STARTED IT


Some many gravestones now



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