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Just a quick update post about 2 upcoming indie games I’ve been watching for a while

Starbound, a wonderfully looking iteration on Terraria that will have you travelling the universe and finding all manor of crazy new environments, monsters and inhabitants. It has some remarkably fleshed out NPC mechanics, new crafting, building and amazing housing configurations. It looks like an improvement on what I’m doing now in many ways but also adds new elements and mechanics.

Well it is going into some sort of beta soon with pre-purchasers getting to play it and and maybe weeding out the more pervasive bugs. It’s a good time to jump in if you want to try it before the masses. I also assume that it might jump up in price when it’s nearing the final product.


The next is called Project Zomboid. I’ve been watching this one for almost as long as Starbound (hmm, maybe even longer) just because it seems to have many interesting ideas and gameplay. I recently stated that I was completely over anything zombie related, overloaded on this overused theme but this is the one game I can always make an exception for. It is a survival horror game not just with an emphasis on items and survival but also the physicality and emotions of the situation.

I have written about it previously, a short but sweet diary entry many moons ago and even then I really liked what I saw. The game has continued to improve over this time; a new and improved aesthetic, larger and more differentiated spaces, a complicated crafting system , and even a fleshed out AI player system that takes into account individual motives and emotions. It’s also one of the best representations I’ve seen in this genre.

It is looking to be a great game and it’s reaching the final stages in development with the addition of the larger map space. To compensate for a more complete game the developers are also going to be upping the price to the standard 15$ indie margin with a sale on at the same time this very Friday. That’s not a huge price by any stretch but you can get it cheaper now. Here’s the official launch post if you want the run down.

project zomboid

Go…Go now and buy games


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  1. Oh HEY I was just thinking the other day, “I wonder what happened to that zombie game that looked really good? I can’t remember the name…” and it was Project Zomboid! Thanks for the reminder — like you I’m generally super over zombies, but that looks like a very well made game.

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