Link dead radio: Anime, Business, and Class Dangers

The Links

  • For those that applied to the Wildstar Beta you might have received a link to a survey which if completed may improve your chances of getting in. It might possibly be in your spam folder, if not here’s the link
  • Tameriel Foundary has a great breakdown of the communities interests. Interesting part was the question about content and surprisingly achievements are last…. awwwwwwwwww oh well. Also it seems interest in the pvp, small scale and large is strong for ESO which I am guessing is more due to ESO’s focus on that particular style but it could indicate the growing popularity for the mode after the popularity of WvW. Also its seems interest in large scale PVE, like raids is actually quite low, what does that mean for Wildstar?
  • An article about Anita Sarkeesian apparently being The Most Dangerous Woman in Videogames. A look at the culture surrounding the contreversy and differences between what happens in the world and on Youtube.
  • Troll Racials are Overpowered has a great rant about how explorers are a waste of money. can’t say I agree if these sort of mechanics are implemented properly but as it they are now it does seem that way.
  • An interesting post about the creation of player narratives through class choice and how it affects our experience and that of others at virtual Stowaway. Also Gamer by Design discusses certain factors accounting for skill within the class structure.
  • NBI Initiative has ended for the month although the resources and website we still be available afterwards. The newbie Rewards have recently been given out with a lot of great blogs and writing being recognized.
  • And speaking of Newbie Bloggers, another has taken up the reigns called Pixxie Space

The Vids

A new anime called Space Dandy from the creators of Cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo and many other big name shows: A lot of talent behind it. It actually has a simultaneous release in both Japan and US, the western version which will already be dubbed… you don’t see that very often.

Also the Wildstar team had another twitch stream over the weekend and this one seemed a lot more polish as well as going into many mechanics and such. The combat loooked more fluid although it does seem seem way to easy, little risk in those fights at all.


8 thoughts on “Link dead radio: Anime, Business, and Class Dangers

  1. Didn’t realize you were into anime as well! Cowboy Bepop was a ton of fun to watch. I’m not sure if you have seen it already, but I’d toss out the name Sword Art Online. You might appreciate it as an MMO gamer =)


    • Yeh I’ve been the quintessential geek for a long time. Initiated after watching evangelion when it was first aired in aus on sbs

      Yep seen SAO, first several episodes where they’re exploring the world and interactions were amazing. Then it turned into a power fantasy and lost its depth

      Haven’t watched any in a while but I have been watching some lately and really liking it

      • Have you seen Steins Gate? Another pretty recent anime I found excellent.

        The anime industry has been overall pretty disappointing recently. A glut of sequels and re-makes, with very few series which really push creative/original ideas. The gems are few and far between, here’s to hoping this is one of them.


      • No I have not.

        The industry dies appear to have a glimmer of of bad titles although I think that’s a lot to do with the increased exposure and visibility now. A lot of good titles out there still.

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