Progress report: Animated Adventures

It was time for study again as I was putting it off and over the course of the week and weekend I completely finished another module. It is kind of a race to finish it by June next year now as the course structure will be changing which will involve invalidating some of what I’ve done and adding new subjects… More work overall is bad.

Of course being a week that was study orientated I more amused myself with easier to pick up games and management types where you can let run by themselves. I’ve been putting on a fair bit of anime as a way to entertain the during study although most seemed to be dubbed and ended up taking more of my attention. They were just soooo GOOOOOD.

The first I watched were a few more episodes of Hack/Sign and it’s sad to say but it isn’t appealing to me so far. I get that they are trying to introduce the characters, their personalities and interests but each episode is just a rehash of the same themes. Loneliness and remaining a fugitive; people try to help and control; and an unknown power.

It really hasn’t had any exciting action based moments so far or even interpersonal drama that really keeps you glued to the screen. No cliff hangers that make you want to immediately follow on with the story. It’s just kind of boring. It’s a show I feel I should watch because of the mmo themes but I’m just not enjoying it so far.

There was also Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika which is a Magical girl anime but with a Grimm fairy tales twist…so awesome. It is a series that both embraces and shatters popular themes and stories within the genre. It doesn’t feel content with just exploring the surface issues and emotions but fully delves into really heavy emotional themes. Friendship, love, loss and dealing with adversity but there is just so much nuance with how it is explored. Then there is the twist on how wishes are granted and many other little intriguing bits.

Even after a couple of episodes you feel connected to the characters as you have seen them face challenges and glimpsed who they are, who they present to be and who they really are.

magical girl

It is a rather short series and after the ending I can’t see it continuing on at all. It was extremely fast paced in how the show progressed with little padding but it does well to create a rich story, world and characters within this restraint. It could have been overwhelming but ends up keeping you eager.

I’ve seen a lot of press and talk surrounding the anime Attack on Titan recently and felt like seeing what the buzz was all about, and I’m actually rather impressed. A renaissance age apocalypse occurs but caused by a new stronger power emerging and wiping out most of the population.

They do well in creating a new, and at times terrifying enemy. The troll type things shouldn’t be scary, they are rather dumb and without purpose but with how the impact of their actions is explored and the emotions of the cast you get a sense of how terrifying they truly are. They’ve played on the uncanny valley with the design too so that they always just look a little off in parts which becomes extremely unnerving.

Attack on titan

The action scenes are absolutely splendid, you get a sense of the speed with which the characters are going and the impact with which they strike. They also have this ongoing feeling of tension to them with how they focus on avoidance. It is impossible to face these enemy head on and one hit means death in most cases. Many times it is incredible close and your grating your teeth waiting to see who makes it out alive.

What it does very well is the Pacing of the show and introduction of new plot points. Each episode is well contained, builds up suspense with a nice amount of action and character development. There there are certain events and plot points that continue over episodes where they will slowly be revealed further, the tension slowly grows until creating a riveting experience.

They explore so many different themes during the course too which makes you gain a better understanding of the world. Political and religious elements have been strong with how the various parties and class dynamics effect the situations. There are a range of social implications explored through interactions or through events. Then there is the broad exploration of humanity.

While at Madman I also watched a few episodes of Coppelion, another post apocalyptic anime although this time it seems a toxic hazard caused by human interference. The visuals are really well done, the factions involved seem interesting as well. I’m just not sure yet about the teenage girl protagonists as they are far too much the same silly trope.

More Terraria although nowhere near as much as the previous weeks. During the week I’ve just been trying to round out the character build, finding and combining items to make my little pew pew lasers work more efficiently. I did make a rainbow staff which is AMAZING, flashing coloured lights everywhere.

I’ve also been collecting more fluff pieces. I still only have one pet… Grrrrr, but it is the amazing Halloween kitty that flies a broom around after me. A few of these are low drops off low spawning enemies so it might be awhile, others are dropped by Plantera and the Pumpking which are rather hard fights.

I have 5 pairs of wings now too and am still after more.. I like em. I want those corrupted fairy wings though. Luckily I saved up a fair amount of pumpkin so I should be able to keep doing the Halloween event.

The world seems unchanged this week, not much building being done at all although I still have plans. I’m just not sure whether to build it here or create a personal instance to house my various knick knacks.

I played Towns some more… Well not really played just gave a few instructions now and then and let them be. I’ve dug down a little further and am 10 levels down, the mobs seem more dangerous now but it’s also the next tier of armor and weapons.

The economy seems to chug along well without me now and has a good mix of meat, breads and cakes and with the caravans coming in I now have a lot of gold. No idea what to spend that on though.

The building projects are coming along: started the second floor of the tavern so more adventurer can join in, the first of which went down below and was immediately eaten… I think the next one too. The second floor of the housing complex is slowly going up and I’m even creating a second floor now on the wooden building behind. I’m aiming for around 50 civilians which should be manageable but make building a lot quicker.


Alas no Mass Effect although it still is on the agenda. It was recently that N7 day… Or whatever event and all the people talking about it made me what to play. A new Mass Effect coming too, need to finish this and 3 before then.

I’ve also been playing a few puzzle type games, I was feeling the need for a thinking challenge and they’ve all been quite good. Might make that its own post.

In the personal realm it seems that getting a new computer in the new year might not be a possibility. Some sort of rodent, or maybe lizard has chewed up the wires in a section of the house completely shorting it out. We still have power and lights now, as long as we don’t use any of those power points but it will involve getting an electrician to go in the walls to fix. Double brick walls at that which will be costly. Hopefully I can build one at least before the next big mmo’s come out.

As for the week to come, well time to get back into Mass Effect. I downloaded The secret World once again as well, there is so much I’ve missed out on over the year and I’m looking forward to seeing the new stories. I still haven’t explored many dungeons, have yet to get one of those special weapons and there are the new scenarios which I want to keep up with some I’m ready for Tokyo when it’s eventually released.

oh and Terraria =p

Have a great week, may you all be the hunter and not the hunted


6 thoughts on “Progress report: Animated Adventures

  1. I liked .hack but man it can drag on sometimes. Sword Art Online does a better job of pacing (and story for that matter), at least up to the end of the first arc (first 14 eps) Haven’t seen any more yet – but up to there I can highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!

    • Yeh watched all of SAO, it was alright just not good enough to warrant all these people pawing over it.

      Question though.. Is hack worth sticking with or not.

  2. Hah! I knew you’d like MadoMaji. Excellent series, indeed.

    I’ve been reading the Titans manga. It’s………..surprisingly intriguing. Its monthly release is soooooooo slow though.


    • I can never get into reading mamfa that much, just don’t like the structure of it for some reason. Wondering what differences there are though. You usually don’t miss that much in translation from manga to anime.

  3. Oh hai. So Hack/Sign, yeah. From memory, it is in no way an action orientated show, I can’t remember many fight scenes at all, but it was more about the characters and setting for me. I’ve never delved into the many sequels/mini series/movies whatever but I am tempted.
    Modoka Magica, I recently just tried out the first 3 episodes and I know a lot of people love this series but I’m having a hard time identifying with junior high school girls as an adult male. Not enough to draw me in. i hear it’s got 2 movies already. crazy.

    I see you mentioned sword art online, good series, but there is another new series you could try out, Log Horizon. Kind of a rip off of SAO really, same plot, but its turning out to be decent at least.

    • Boooo, it’s only just starting to get good then although I confess I used to watch cardcaptor Sukara religiously.

      It’s incredibly fast paced but with a certain amount if forethought to how it unfolds.

      Thanks for the recommendation, will look at that one too

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