A Lost Love for Levels

After the recent announcement at Blizzcon Syp seems to just be getting a little more cranky at people based on an ideology that is slowly dying, an ideology that never really belonged much in the first place in this genre. Levels and the defined process they make are a required part of mmo’s or so he thinks. Work for it like he did but really, that ship sailed long ago; in fact I think it was more the imposter here than any other sort of system.

I’ve read plenty of posts lately based on how much easier and quicker it is to level now in wow than it has ever been and the whole process keeps getting streamlined, in most mmo’s it seems a mere formality now. No one “earns” those levels, there is little challenge and cooperation involved. It’s a nuisance rather than the rite of passage it used to be, keeping groups and friends from playing together and restricting players from content and playing their own way.
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