A Rift Retrospective

The ghost of MMO past was knocking on my door this weekend, dragging those chains of nostalgia around and instilling an urge to explore a MMO from my past. While I have tried many mmo’s going back a few years now none of them really got their hook into me like Rift did. I tried WoW in its first years and hated it; LotRO and was kind of boring; even War in its release period and thought it was terrible designed and buggy. Going into Rift for the first time was a real shock to my gaming sensibilities. The combat and content style was widely different from anything else I’d tried and for some reason it was a world that felt unbelievably large to me. It was a rather naive thought but coming into the genre blind and ignorant meant that I appreciated the things rift did in ways I can’t really describe,
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