Link Dead Radio: the Vidpocalypse

The Links

The repopulation looks to be important heading into its next stage of development now and some if the early adopter packages will be changing. If you want the best deal nows the time to jump on in.

There is a cool looking project Zomboid map now although you probably won’t get the scale of this if you haven’t played and there is still a lot of work to be done on it. Looking like nice progress though

Some awesome looking Female armor art

Scree talks about Hearthstones and Blizzards incessant need to simplify everything. While the point of calling everyone who enjoys them an idiot is a vast over generalisation it would be naive to think the simplifying a genre enough so it appeals to the largest population doesn’t cause any issues.
I don’t have the time to learn and master a complex ccg, nor do I have the interest to devote that time over other games and media. I appreciate the simplicity but there is a point of no return in which it can actively harm the genre.

Both Inventory Full and Why I Game have been discussing the battle test categories and how they relate to their particular playstyle. I was amused to find myself as an Explorer killer as I think it perfectly captures my gaming personality. I love exploring things, the world and mechanics… As well as killing people who interfere in that.

Away from game further discusses issues with elitism; definitions and reasons for it

The Vids

Hand of Fate on Kickstarter. A Wierd blend of a collectible card game and action dungeon crawler…imagine if combat in Card hunter was 3d

Paradise Lost on Kickstarter a retro stealth adventure game where you play as a captured alien organism

Final Exam looks like an awesome side scrolling brawler on steam

Child of light gameplay and development discussion. Can’t wait

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time looks really nice, like a cross between pixel junk art style and ftl. I’ve heard the name before but never really looked it up.

A night in the woods on Kickstarter. A game I really can’t describe other than to say it looks interesting. Kind of like a children’s book in its aesthetic.

Obduction really looks like the perfect game for the Occulus Rift. world exploration and puzzler inspired by myst

Space Combat in ToR! Woooooooo. Crucible gaming has a demo Vid now too

Natural Selection 2 is officially getting a chance at being an Esport after the kickstarter successfully funded with the help of both intel and nvidia