Progress Report: Raining Massive Pumpkin Zombies

Gaming wise I actually got a lot done this weekend, I think I felt like a it of a break and to reward the previous weeks study efforts ad so I indulged in some favorites and went on a mini steam buy binge. Just som new cheap indies, the ones that either look super cute or retro. I also picked up Rayman Legends as it was half price, couldn’t resist that even though I actually wanted it more on the PS3 instead as it seems more like a big screen controller kind of thing. I might hook the laptop up o play in the future although that will involve getting a compatible controller.. or do the PS3 ones work someway?

Other than that just the usual work with kids and getting ready for Christmas, cleaning up the house, cooking yummy food. I also started jogging a little through the bush near the house with the overgrown puppy, a nice way to start the morning actually although she tripped me the other day making me fall and turning my entire knee purple.

ONWARDS to tales of gaming


This week in Terraria was spent preparing for the pumpkin moon event finale. I reforged all my major items into something of a higher tier, gathered an awesome Paladin hammer for a bit of damage and crafted up the needed potions.

I’m glad to say the event has been effectively mastered. We were insanely close with the two of us but once those mourning wood things starting pooling in the bottom and firing fiery wooden bitsies at us it goes down hill rather fast. With the 3 of us; Grish tanking, Jeromai managing lower spawns and me healing and damaging as much as I could it actually went well… A little too well.

While in the end it more turned into some kind of rote repetitive action, click magnet sphere and spam the hammer in between, before that it was a crazy mix of insanity with all these mob spawning and running, dodging and killing where we could. Slowly it became a strategy far more refined, you’re still wrestling with that chaos but you intrinsically understand the mechanics and what it is you’re meant to do.


It was actually like casually figuring out a dungeon once more, how everything interacts and forming, then testing a hypothesis. Then there is learning the choreography. I didn’t think I’d sat this but I kind of miss that feeling. So much clicking though! Early onset carpel tunnel at this rate.

I terms of progress I kind of feel complete now. The final event has been defeated and all the needed items recovered from it. I have all the different wing types now too which has kind of been my progress yard stick from the beginning. I don’t worry much about gear or anything just purrrty wings. Of all of them I think the corrupted fairy wings are my favourite, really nice design and effect.. I also like the hover board too as it allows forward momentum.


I was going to go for the pets as well and I do have a couple now but they seem far to hard to get. Been trying to get the penguin which is a low probability drop from a low spawn mob in a particular area and then got too frustrated. Hmm.. time to make my final base I think.. SKY PIRATE FORTRESS! I was going to do a plain ole pirate ship in the ocean but that seems far cooler.

 Project Zomboid

I jumped back into Project Zomboid for the first time in many months and was once again intrigued by the promise. It’s still not quite there yet though, interactions with objects and containers still seem odd. There are bugs as well and crashes but there are many improvements. Graphical it is great, the line of sight is perfect, the zombie movements and combat far more fluid and the general gameplay seems more polished.

Project Zomboid

It still doesn’t go out of its way to help you learn the controls. I had no idea how to equip or use things for a little bit and most if those earlier games was me running away from zombie hordes frantically trying to figure out how to attack and then… Death. I’ve gotten a bit better at it now although crafting still eludes me, I knew how to do it and even a few recipes before but now I don’t know how to activate that.

I think I might just write another diary of the damned once I learn the controls a little more. So it ends up being a longer and more musing story rather than a stupid painfully long death after lifting heavy objects.

Risk of Rain

I bought the new indie game Risk of Rain over the weekend on steam because it kind of looked rather interesting. It’s a roguelike action platform where you have to fight your way through a number of different environments and bosses.

The combat while simple feels extreme tight and very much about movement and managing cooldowns effectively. It’s more the brawler style of action with you blasting away at enemies and avoiding attacks but it is extremely challenging. It involves leveling your character through killing but also getting gold in order to purchase passive and active skills to help you.

As time passes the difficulty slowly ramps up creating more and garden enemies for you to fight so it becomes a race of trying to level and buy enough gear before trying to find the exit and make it out of a level. The end of which spawns a big ass monster as well as waves of mobs… It’s insane. Take too long and if the monsters don’t get you before the bosses certainly will.

Risk of Rain

I played this for many hours and am still itching for more. It has that same compelling FTL vibe that makes you want to play more and beat as much as you can before your demise. It also shares a similar unlock system in that completing the game and certain achievements unlocks more options and new characters to play as.

I ended up finishing the levels on easy mode, and just the first level on normal. Seriously it’s insane. I did end up unlocking the next character which I don’t like that much. Wondering what other characters there are to unlock and how they play will keep me coming back

Mass Effect

I actually jumped back into Mass Effect again and wow us the story getting intense.

I explored the apparently derelict collectors ship and it’s freekin massive! The size is amazing but then also the implications for the size set in. If there goal is abducting humans then, as they said, earth would be the likely target.

Then it comes out that the ones helping the collectors are a past race (prometheans?) that has been genetically changed and enslaved in order to better serve. It was a race thought to be extinct right now and I have to wonder if this is what the humanities fate is going to be. Another race to change, enslave and help control the universe.

Mass Effect 2

Can’t wait to enter that relay and see the home world at the centre of the universe first hand.

I kept on doing the character missions this week although the first step was one of the geth Planets to retrieve Tali… Because she’s awesome. Seriously, if I was to spend the time, money and effort making a cosplay it would be that awesome outfit. Soo cool! Hmm, a female grasshopper race type thing person might be cool too… You know, Garus people. (I’m still avoiding the wiki so as not to spoil the story)

That geth planet was a fun place to fight on as I really like how they wove the environmental danger into it. The sun burns shields insanely fast so fighting needs to be done away usually or from shaded areas. Luckily there are lots of pillars and of course chest high walls EVERYWHERE. It seems more like I’m venturing through areas preparing for D-day with all these walls and barricades. Are they preparing for an unknown apocalypse?

Mass Effect 2

The mission was a rather simple collect and kill type and Tali really didn’t say much at the end. All I was privy to of the story was her discharge from service and then consequent banishment. Need to talk to her more to get the full story now she’s on board and maybe do her side mission as well.

The Jacobs side mission was a more incestuous version of Gilligan’s island. A large ship crash landed on an unknown planet resulting in many deaths but also the survival of a large group. Of course the main character here props himself up as a god, forming a sick paradise for himself.

He maintains a healthy supply of rations for himself and makes the others eat the native plants which dramatically decrease their cognitive functioning, enough that they will only obey… At first. It all goes wrong and he eventually activates the beacon for help then along come our heroes to sort out the situation save a bunch of people and let that despicable a hole get beaten to death by the people he hurt.

Mass Effect 2

I felt so sorry for Jacob during this entire ordeal as the perfect image of his courageous and just father was getting shattered in front of him. Little bits of information here and there and then the first hand confession. Surprisingly he seemed to take it well, being more logical in his dismissal of this “creature ” and adhering to the image he already held.

“A good enough father that even he can’t undue what he’d taught”

Moridin makes me laugh at times with his honest insightful way of talking but also emotionally restrained way of analysing the situation.

The mission explores his past research regarding the Krogan genophage and his being part of the cultural genocide. Moridin stands rather firm in his beliefs, and for the most part he’s decisions do seem like the morally right thing to do. The option that causes the least damage and saves the most lives. He allowed a race to live without causing the same end result.

His student was attempting to Bio engineer a cure for the genophage as he consider the actions and results unethical and not the right course of action. There seems to be no right person here, not really as both have persuading arguments that are neither right nor wrong. The genophage forced the death of many Krogan, changed a culture and their future dramatically and who really has the right to do that.

Lost in thought

Lost in thought

Then there is the ethics of the testing here. The krogan seemed to have willingly submitted themselves as test subjects, mostly, although that is hard to tell. The thing is that data could have been useful but it brings up the morale dilemma of using something that was gained through such awful means. Are we validating the use of such methods if we do use it or are we invalidating the lives given by not.

I felt bad for bringing grunt along during this mission. But his side quest are in this same locale… but still. I’m taking him along to see someone developing a cure that could bring back the former glory of his race but the guy on his team shoots the person responsible for it. Didn’t make a peep though, I expected him to at least punch moridin in the face.

I like how even after all that Moridin says he could make the cure if he wanted.. Like it’s nothing. “taught him everything he knows.. knew.. not everything I know”

The grunt mission afterwards was rather straight forward in terms of being an arena battle. It was funny to headbutt the opposing Krogan.

I also cracked onto GARRUS… how could I not although it still felt entirely awkward and I just giggled like an idiot a lot. Also Tiebreaker… LOL

Mass Effect 2

Kill la kill

I’ve been enjoying Kill la kill during the week with its unusual style yet have no idea why. The style is very reminiscent of manga, sure you can say that about a lot of anime in the overexpressiveness but here the art style itself seems more a homage to it. The rough edges to text and characters at certain times, the colour palettes used, muted and faded faces. It is a show that fells like it’s jumping off the page.

The plot is ridiculously flimsy and also a hilariously bad premise. A school system controlling the world with uniforms imbued with magical thread. Stoooooopid … but for some reason with the style of the show and the way it unfolds it kind of piqued my interest.

The special disrobe/magical transformation cutscenes seem like blatant fan service but then it’s a show completely aware of these ridiculous tropes and are lampooning them at the same time. It gets the irony of its actions but at the same time doesn’t care in the slightest: even the main character brings this up in the beginning.

Kill La Kill

It is a show embracing the familiar but making fun of it in the same piece.. don’t care though because it’s just a lot of fun so far. It has little thought to the plot, the characters are entirely one-dimensional and it seems to mostly pander to the lowest common denominator with how the action scenes and visuals are planned and unfold…but I don’t care.

This feeling Kind of reminds me a little of FLCL… A show that is completely nonsensical but enthralling at the same time. It’s a show that doesn’t feel forced and have a need to try hard to be interesting or philosophically or even comical, it has those elements but it’s merely being itself and is relaxed in the way it presents this image.

As for the week to come I really have no idea because my *#^&$&(*#@ hubby forgot to pay the power bill… for several months and well, no power anymore (reason why no pictures for now). Yes, happy camper right here. If it does come back it will probably be a little bit of Risk of Rain, Project Zomboid, Terraria and maybe more Rift for the hell of it. I’ve also redownloaded TSW to take a peek at the many missions I’ve missed and the new skirmishes. Should be fun IF I get power that is or IF I don’t murder my hubby and get thrown in jail.

Dats all folks and may all your lights and monitors shine brightly.

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8 thoughts on “Progress Report: Raining Massive Pumpkin Zombies

    • Oh, I wouldn’t miss out that mission. haha thanks for the kind words, it’s a very interesting story and I can see why people feel so strongly about it

  1. Still waiting for you to get into Garrus’s pants >=). His species is called “Turians” btw.

    One of the recurring themes in Mass Effect (and the thing that makes the series lore so great) is how everything is a shade of grey. Mordin’s struggles with the genophage is one of them. Yea, who has the moral right to impose something on an entire species. But when compared with the other choices (Annihilation of Krogan, or annihilation of the Salarian/Turian/Asari.) Mordin’s logic is sound from a Utilitarian ethics perspective. It’s just so engrossing to read!

    Eeeeh gosh enough nostalgia, you’re seriously making me want to play through the series again.


    • Some bits do the moral relativity better than others of course. Jack’s mission for instance.

      On that note, the reason Grunt doesn’t give two shits about the genophage is because he’s a dyed in the wool darwinist. Shame you didn’t get to meet Wrex on Tuchanka since you didn’t import an ME1 file, he has some good interactions with Grunt.

      Also, try waiting to do Tali’s loyalty mission until after you obtain the last party member and then take said last member along to the Quarian fleet with you. Funniest bit of the whole game. Note that, iirc, doing so precludes you from getting the games best ending because of reasons.

      • OOh.. Jack’s mission is going to be next then.. I actually was going to skip it.
        Yeh i’m guessing ive missed a bit not playing the first but oh well.. at a later date i might go back or something. Thanks for the input, will do. I was wondering if their were going to be any consequences to takig your time in this beginning stage with getting characters as the kept making it a big decision point i conversations whether to go through the relay immediately or wait.

      • I was actually trying to use Jack’s mission as an example of NOT doing it well. Especially if you take Miranda along for the ride. Since the whole thing is Jack boohooing to herself and “ooo look at how ethically questionable Cerberus is.”

        Samara’s mission is kinda the same way. The only real choice in it is only a choice in the technical sense; the only way you’d ever take the Renegade option is if you don’t care about the story at all and just think that being pure evil is kewl.

      • Oh that’s s shame. They obviously developed these characters with the morality system in mind and so they became rigidly defined by that side. It’s rather boring and I was guessing that would carry over to the side missions as well.

    • Ahhh Turians lol, i forgot and grasshopper people is all i could think of

      yeh there is a lot of morale grey to the world, characters and events.. enough that there can be multiple interpretations. I’m guessing there has been many heated forum debates around certain points. I just wish they hadn’t done the morality character system like that did, the paragon renegade thing as it kind of promotes being more single minded in your approach.

      YAy.. glad to see I’m instilling a sense of nostalgia

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