Diary of the Damned: Beginning

Day One

I can’t believe I didn’t plan better for all this. Just though it would all blow over like all those other world-changing “crisis” that get talked about but it don’t eventuate. It’s gotten much worse out there and I haven’t left the house since.

I’m completely out of.. well everything now too. No food left in the fridge, not that there was much to begin with. Thought it would have all blown over by now and I could just go down to the shops again.

I’m getting hungry and there is really nothing left for me here. Looking outside and I can still see those “things” wandering around. Have to go sooner or later

What an excursion that was. it was stupid thinking I could avoid those things forever, they’re everywhere. Even around the park. It’s weird to see it so devoid of life; children playing and laughing, adults squabbling over t.v reality show antics. Just those things in their place.

Project Zomboid park

I shouldn’t have gone in closer for a look. I was hoping at least someone else would be around and then they noticed me, quite a few of them too. I ran.. ran and ran. Even though I lost the first others seemed to notice me and kept following. Managed to lose them in some of the shrubbery and trees which was lucky; scary going in there as I expected another to just jump out at me.

I just wanted to get inside, anywhere away from those things but every house always seemed to be locked… everyone around here was always so security conscious, I guess that’s what happens when you have kids. I kept getting more and more anxious: so alone, so scared, and just desperate so I stupidly broke through one of the windows with my arm.. cut myself up pretty bad too.

Luckily there where some bed sheets left over in this house, actually wrapping myself up with strips of it while writing this. Ate just about everything in the fridge here: apple and dry ramen.. the lunch of champions. The frying pan and lighter might come in handy…

Well that was a good break, I think I might try to find some more provisions before nightfall.


huuuuuh… can I really survive this seeing how many others have already died, and so horribly.

Killed 2 zombies on the way the way here. Had the bright idea to use the frying pan to bash some skull, like some kind of soccer mom zombie slayer extraordinaire. Thought it would be fun like those games… it was actually rather sickening. They don’t die easy, lots of swinging like an aimless idiot, desperate to keep them away. And those sounds…

Project Zomboid

I should have known where there’s one there are many. The one outside should have been a warning to me. The window was much easy to break with the pan then my fist but once inside the situation escalated rather quickly. Looked around, not much to see; took the time to raid the cupboards and fridge was more and now have a small stockpile of food.

The I opened the bedroom door and nearly died with fright as 2 of those things jumped towards me. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting used to this or if I was scared stiff but I stood my ground rather well and managed to knock them down. There was another corpse in the bathroom which I gave a bash to the head for good measure.

The scene left over was rather horrifying. To think about the situation that brought them to this; 3 people trying to ride out the storm within the bathroom and then this happening. Two turning on one, or maybe it devolved over time. There is blood everywhere now, and it stinks.

Project Zomboid

I want to get out of here, just don’t feel comfortable in a house that looks like it belongs in a slasher film. It’s getting dark though and there is no way I’m going out there.. with those things around in the dark. Guess the master room will have to do. I’ve locked the door but for some reason it just doesn’t feel like enough. Yay for sleep filled with nightmares.

                                  Day 2 —>

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