Diary of the Damned: Home Sweet Home

Well that was a fitful night of sleep. Going to bed with those gurgles and growls from all around, as well as a few corpses behind the door would cause anyone to sleep badly.

I’s still quite early out and the sun has barely spread its light but I can’t stay in this house any longer. I collect everything else left that I might need and move on from here. There has to be better places out there, places where I feel safer. These tiny fibro shakes just seems more like feeding capsules… not fit for humans any more.

Well I think I’ve found a decent house for now. It wasn’t far from the previous house, just a short walk and 2 zombies later. It’s getting much easier now and I’m starting to get the hang of when and where to hit them with my frying pan of death.

This place is a mansion compared to what I’m used to.. 2 stories! Cleaned the place out of those things.. what the hell is it with them and hiding in bedrooms though! Another two right there waiting for me, waiting for that door to open so they can gorge themselves once more. Makes me sick.

Project Zomboid

There is something about being in a bigger house that makes you feel a bit safer, more places to hide and fight plus multi entrances and exits. There are corpses here just like the last place but it doesn’t seem so bad, perhaps I’m just becoming acclimatised to it.. or maybe it’s because they’re out of the way in a separate room. What you don’t see doesn’t exist.

It feels good to be able to peer out the higher windows too, I felt too open in the windows down below and I don’t think those things would think to look up…do they think?

Project Zomboid

Lots of stuff in this house: food, clothing, appliances and utensils. Far too much for me to carry as well so I might just stay here for a bit longer. Made my first substantial meal in a long time, a pot of soup doesn’t sound much but it warms the soul a little. Nothing feels as bad when you have a full warm tummy.

After a yummy lunch I felt like checking out the shed across from me and knock out that one zombie out the back making all that noise. You can never relax when you know one’s nearby.


There wasn’t much in the shed unfortunately. I was hoping for something better than a frying pan to defend myself but at least there was enough wood and nails to fix the window I smashed getting into the house. Took the time and covered up the windows with the old sheets too so those things can’t peer in the windows, I’m sure it’s better for me if they can’t see any movement. Made downstairs a lot darker but at least it is now secure once more.

It’s getting late now but there is no way I’m sleeping in that main bedroom with the corpses lying next to me. That’s just sick. The spare bedroom is just as nice.

Project Zomboid

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Revisiting Rift

Well I think Rift has taken me once more… or perhaps I’m just desperate for that mmo levelling style of play. I really liked that calming play when I jumped into FF14, it’s just that the game was lacking in other ways. Rift has a lot of what I love and the experience feels very.. consistent?.. comfortable?..hmm congruous?.. I don’t know. There are a lot of options for play that are designed well to complement each other that flow from one to the next.

It is an enjoyable way to play as there is enough variety in the actions you’re doing that you are kept engaged. I would go from questing, to closing a rift, an instant adventure here and there and the odd invasion to break it up. There are a lot of different pacing structures that increase the action to a peak battle and then you slowly come back to that comfortable questing routine.
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