Diary of the Damned: Ransacking Residences

Woke up feeling much better today. After a couple days of trouble and worry it seems the situation has gotten a bit better; nice house and enough food to last another few days. I even slept in… that’s the first time in many days, weeks even and it felt good.

Off to an early start exploring and raiding the neighbourhood I think. The best plan would be to keep gathering supplies, food and such as well as more building materials to fortify this house further. If I want to make this my new home, and that would be nice then it’s time to start thinking for the long-term: fences around the premises, weapons for protection, tools and such, and maybe even plant some crops

I do want to just curl up inside though, still get nervous before heading outside. hunnnnh.. big breaths.


Well that worked out well. This little neighbourhood seems to have a lot of resources to find, enough that i should easily last the week from just raiding these nearby houses.. haha, they’re mansions compared to my previous place.

The house behind had a whole lot of those things milling inside, in such an open space it seemed silly to antagonise them. I wonder what will happen to them being trapped in there, are they like flies bumping around or can the maneuver more freely.

The house just up the road was a good target. At first I went looking in the garage for more building materials. It was rather funny though as I smashed the window to get in and yet, the large garage door was already open which made me feel a bit like an idiot. Getting a bit smash happy with my little pan, it is fun to break things but I should be more careful of the noise.

Project Zomboid

Just as I was grabbing the hammer and nails off the shelf there was a major commotion overhead. Planes and helicopters zooming by and rather low as well. I stood out in the driveway trying to get a better look and waving about trying to get their attention but it seems they must have been too intent on their destination. Didn’t catch who they were with either. I just want out of this hell hole but am beginning to lose hope of any outside help…it’s all up to me I guess.

This  house had enough food for a couple of days as well. Found a duffel bag upstairs that I crammed it all into to make it easier to carry back. Snacked on some of the fresh fruit and a packet of chips while rummaging around, exploring always seems to make me hungry. Also managed to find some ammunitions for my imaginary gun and a golf club in the bedrooms upstairs. There were lots of clothes and linens around as well but I think I have enough of those already, they might make the bag a little heavy anyway.


That Golf Club is AMAZING! much easier to fight those things with it because of the added reach and it seems to knock them over more often from the impact. A club to the head would hurt anyone, even those things. Knocked out two of them on the way home rather easily. Haha…Just noticed that all these bodies seem to be making a perverse breadcrumb trail around the neighbourhood. It does make it easier to know where I’ve been.

Crafty f*ing things….broke through a window in the kitchen and I found two of them just there waiting for me when I came home. Just standing there in the kitchen, facing the wall. The went down easy enough but now I have 2 corpses here in the kitchen; that has to be just a little unsanitary.

Project Zomboid

Tried fixing the window, barricade it up but I don’t think I have enough wood just yet. Might have to search for some more. Took a bit of time trying to fix it and forgot about, you know that thing humans do. A quick bite to eat and a drink from the sink later and I felt better. The burdens of living seem to catch up on you when you forget.

Well it’s getting late now and it would be nice to have an early start tomorrow so I can have more daylight to explore in.

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