Link Dead Radio: Blizzard Blunders and Indie Ideas

  • Planetside 2 first year review by In an Age. So it’s pretty much the same, with the same inherent flaws that made me not want to play longer than a casual month.
  • I was left with a gaming conundrum after a piece at United we game. Wondering about my actions and motives regarding why I cheat in games and what that means

Another gaming controversy surrounding the use of female characters or lack there of . There was grid completely forgetting to add any female names and now Blizzard reckons the predominance of Smexy gear is alright because they’re not running for president… who cares about that silly diversity thingy. The fallout article over at RPS is full of emotional rambles and extremely ranty.. I kinda like it

  • Going on with WoW and Blizz stuff Gamer by Design describes the apparent horde bias with its story and characters.
  • Blessing of Kings analyses the featured heroes of the warlords of Draenor announcement

The Vids

Fixing Broken Ai using Skyrim as an example and there is also a test mod to try. If Skyrim was like this I probably wouldn’t have quit after the first few mind-numbing hours

Errant Signal video seems oddly fitting this week with the renewed discussion of gender politics in gaming

An absolutely amazing build project in the game Star Made, a kind of Minecraft in space. It is a working space cruiser and completely decorated and furnished on the inside.

Darkwood looks like an amazing horror survival game.. this is pre alpha footage from about 6 months ago when the went through indiegogo funding. They have just started posting updates again recently and maybe even beta steam release soon for early access.

Banner Saga guide to travel. Really looking forward to the final product