Diary of the Damned: Tastes Like Chicken

Woke up early and ready for anything this morning, good night sleep again and finally getting into the swing of things. This is my life so may as well make the most of it. It’s still dark out but the sun should be coming up soon. A quick look out of the windows upstairs didn’t show any zombies in the nearby area.

Time to get more supplies and prepare for the weeks to come.

Project Zomboid


AHhhh.. fffff.. it really hurts. Tore up my god damn arm and it burns. So stupid!

Exploring went really well, well didn’t find much except for some more food and ammunitions but still…it all helps. Went to the house diagonally from me through those tress and such. Broke into the garages nearby and went through the already broken window and not a single one of those things around, just easy ransacking of the houses which was oddly relaxing.

Then I came back outside though the window to drop off everything at home and maybe extend my search further out when one of those things came at me… a faster one too. I stood my ground like the brave idiot, over-confident in my new awesome 9 Iron and began whacking away at the brainless beast when another started stumbling in between the houses towards me… the commotion must have alerted it.

Just before it made it to me I finished off the first and began the battle again. Started backing off towards home while wildly swinging, felt safer to be fighting like this more within the proximity of my stuff and somewhere safer. Kept Backing away when another just jumped out of the bushes at me.. Screamed out loud. One of those things is pretty manageable but two is a whole other thing as you really only have the ability to push away one at a time. Just in that first stumble on me I think he got me. I don’t even know, it all happened so fast.

Started running away but now I’m leading them to my house.. had no idea what to do next. Thought to kill them both maybe; waited for the one in front to get to me whacked it and backed off again; waited again and whacked…. thick-headed thing it was. Getting ready for the third hit and I screwed up, swung and missed and it was upon me and before I knew it the other had jumped forward onto me…turned and ran but got they got me on the arm… the same arm that’s still bandaged.

I was soo scared.. and just couldn’t deal with them both anyway so I ran inside.. it hurt so much and now they are out there, waiting for me. I can hear that awful gurgling sound and scratching at the walls. I’m just hiding here, sitting on the stairs, hoping to god they don’t break in here.

Project Zomboid


Well it’s kind of feeling better now, the pain’s subsided and it just kind of itches. MY entire arm is bandaged up now, I must look like death… or at least someone on the way out. I’m wondering if I’m infected now, was that enough; how does it even get in you and how long will it take. Going to be worrying over it for days now.

There is no way I’m going out there again today.. so scared. I just had the rest of the day off to recover from that ordeal, heal up a little and calm down. I’ve already tried reading that farming book I found although it mostly seems like gibberish, would love to learn some it as it would definitely come in handy in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Fresh food on premises and I wouldn’t have to go out there ever again.. or at least not that far.

What was that…..

Damn, they’ve broken that side window into the laundry. I don’t think they can break down doors as I haven’t seen anything like that at all yet. Maybe they can over time. Don’t feel like dealing with more of them tonight, enough for now and I’m a bit apprehensive about facing them in my state. Surely it should be ok till the morning.

Yep, early bed tonight and I’ll deal with it tomorrow, it’s only barely gone dark and I’m not really tired yet but I just need the rest I think.

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    • Yeh it really is. A lot of interconnecting systems and I like how it places priority on being careful and avoidance rather than mowing down hordes of them.
      It also places more importance on the day to day living.. Preparation for needs and such

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