Progress Report: Rift, Rain and Running for my Life

Well there really wasn’t much gaming this week, as much as I would have liked anyway. It ended up being Thursday before we got power back because of electric company screw ups. You know how they are. Lots of wrong orders and mix ups that required back and forth fall calls for days to get it all sorted but we have power now… and it’s glorious. Luckily we are on gas here for the hot water, that’s one luxury I could never do without.

Before the lights went out I spent a lot more time in Rift levelling and such. I believe I’m half way through Gloamwood now, the murky overgrown tree town. It’s a nice area if a little depressing although it does have lots and lots of spiders. It was always one of my least favourite zones, I never even levelled in it previously and I still don’t like it. Give me the dry earthen plains over overgrown forests any day.

rift spiders

I really hate spiders


Rift Gloamwood

Looks more like a haunted castle

I spent a bit of time going over the souls again to get two roles working for me. They both have Shaman, Justicar and Druid in them although one is for tanking the other for DPS. I remember those both being a decent builds back in the day and it doesn’t seem like too much has changed. The tank is still a half effective 1-2 skill spammer at this level and the dps one has enough survivability that there is no down time between pulls.

After getting those ready I queued up for the random dungeon at my levels and ended up getting Realm of the Fae and Darkening Deeps. Both times it popped within a couple minutes with me as the tank. Considering how long it had been it actually went well considering. I tanked a lot in my spare time after I had completed all the hard modes and geared my healer and it was surprisingly fun.

Remembered the skills for pulling, rounding up melee stuff, keeping them near ranged or at least hitting them with ranged skills occasionally. Still not used to the keyboards and use of skills just yet and it took me longer than I would have like to get aggro on the odd mob attacking the healer. I get why tanks rage so much though, people dps’ing before you’ve even got aggro are soooooo ANNOYING! must remember not to do that as well.

Both runs went really well, the first was with an experienced group and we played through fairies and ents with no trouble at all. I even got complemented on my awesome cleric tanking skills.

rift Fae

Like swatting a fly

The second was in DD with what I suspect a mostly new group that had never done the dungeon before but didn’t want to speak up. I was honest with them, said it’s been awhile since and to give a refresher on some spots. I had forgotten the mechanics at first since it has been a long while but the all came back pretty quickly after a death. The fire goblin got me until a realised to separate them.. And the werewolf was a party wipe after not engaging straight away. It went well though and I think everyone had fun.

I still really enjoy these dungeons even now as the always had a good mix of mechanics to the bosses… Just a little too much trash mobs. Darkening Deeps is a rather spectacular looking place in that initial spiral area with the houses built into the walls surrounding you.

I’ve still been playing a lot Of Risk of Rain. It is soooooooo frustrating at times with the random elements and spikes in difficulty but so much fun. It keeps you wanting more and to do better like any roguelike should.

I’ve been playing more with the enforcer now and like the shield skill a lot. Just tend to back myself into a corner during boss fights and mow everything down. It helps to get certain powers though like knock backs firing speed and freezing. Managed to get all the way to the last level and fighting the boss when the bastard dropped a massive aoe on me and I melted…. Well I took my shield down to run and he then punted me across the screen.

I have yet to collect many characters and think I will during the week now. It also comes with multiplayer so someone for gods sake buy it now and play with me!

A few more sessions with Project Zomboid although you already know how that’s progressing. Can’t wait to write more about what’s happening in-game as it is so frustrating but funny in retrospect. It really lends itself well to being written like a diary too as all the systems and mechanics tell that story nearly by themselves. I’ve also been playing another session on the side, I wanted to go slower with the main one so I can remember the events when writing and the other is now speedily progressing.

Project Zomboid

Exploring the cold lonely unknown

That’s been all for now and looking forward to the week to come. It will probably be more of the same, leveling up in Rift, dying a lot in the roguelike and well.. dying even more in Project Zomboid. I’m definitely feeling the need to finish off the rest of Mass Effect in one sitting.. maybe two though as I’ve been playing it too long now. I also picked up Fez and Rayman Legends on the cheap during the week and those have already been pre-downloaded.

Happy Gaming and may all your deaths been hilarious and painful looking.


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  1. I’m loving Risk of Rain! But I had to knock it down to the low difficulty to make any real progress, hah. I like that a few characters you can unlock just by playing a lot, regardless of how much progress you make.

    • So did I.. I still mostly play in easy as well because medium just owns me. Furthered I’ve gotten was world 3 and I think that was just luck

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