Diary of the Damned: Do You Smell Something

woke up really earl today, I think I must have been worrying about those damn things in the Laundry. There door is still there, no zombies in the house and they don’t even seem to be in there any more… must have got bored and gone home or something.

I still don’t feel like going out there at all. It is still dark outside and it would be rather scary to travel out there but I think I more just need some time without all that worry. A little bit of relaxation and recreation. I have enough food stocked up now that it isn’t an issue if I skip a day which is good.

OH YEH, FOOOOOD! I forgot to eat last night and I’m starving. I think I might actually cook something again today and why not some noodles for breakfast.

It’s been a good day so far. Just lounging around on the couch reading a book and playing with a yoyo I found in the last house. I haven’t played with one of these in years and it’s surprising how quickly I remembered how to use one.

Cooked the yummiest salmon in the oven as well, so delicious! Even a few hours later I still feel satisfied. I just stood there for an hour though, watching it cook… never had salmon before so it was a good experiment.

Project Zomboid

It’s getting to the afternoon now and after a good days rest I feel calm and together enough to explore a bit more again. Seems a shame to waste an entire day as you can always have more stuff. Just have to be careful.


The house behind seemed to be vacant now. Easy access through an already broken window at the back so I wouldn’t alert any more of those things towards me. There was only one inside as well and it was facing the wall near the front door and never even noticed me until it had a golf club in the temple. Easy peezy. It had some vitamins on it as well which might be good if I ever run out of food or get a bit sick.

Not really much here though.. a bit more food. Mostly just a lot of the cooking utensils that I already have so no point taking them. I did find a mug and teabag lying around and, well, it might sound stupid but it has completely made my week sitting here sipping on it while writing this out. One of life’s simple pleasures that is not so simple any more.

I’m getting kind of tired now, waking up so early was maybe a bad idea. Might have something to eat first though, might sleep better with food in the tank this time.



Well fuck. I decided to cook some more noodles as they are rather quick to cook and eat. While waiting for that I thought to maybe sort out my dufflebag and what I want to carry around to just the essentials. Then started on the kitchen cupboards so that they were better organised: one for all the utensils, another for food items, and the last for miscellaneous things when the entire stove went up in flames.

It quickly spread around me and I had to make a dash for the lounge room so I didn’t go up as well. Seriously, are those noodles made from petroleum or something. Has their use as a fire-starter or alternative fuel source gone unnoticed all these years. With the amount lying around we have a viable alternative fuel lying around to last us decades.

Unnnn.. I just feel so dumb. Made a run for it to the house next door and am now watching the house… my house burn down with all my supplies and food inside. I liked it there.

Project Zomboid

I just don’t care any more. Enough stress the last few days to last many life times and now this. Screw it, I’m going to sleep upstairs and sorting through the rubble tomorrow morning.

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