Diary of the Damned: Cleanup on Isle 4

It’s quite sad looking at this wreckage. My hopes for survival dashed in an instant although I think I can still recover. Lots of houses around here and probably more food. The entire house doesn’t look safe. Most of the kitchen area is completely burnt out and it even spread upstairs. Because of the many holes in the wall now I could walk straight through the front, there is no way I could ever stay here now.

All that was left was one cupboard, and it wasn’t even one with the important stuff. Just lots of cooking utensils that seem to be pretty much everywhere. Of course my only food item in there left is Ramen noodles now, don’t want to cook them ever again. My Spare Golf Club was in there though, might be good to take with me in case this one breaks, it still looks good but I really haven’t been actively using it. Prefer avoidance so it should last a while longer

Project Zomboid

Another helicopter went overhead while I was looking through the burnt wreckage. I wonder if they will notice a change in the environment from last time they went over. Might not be the same people though. I wonder if I set a fire while they were flying if they would stop for me.. haha, all I have to do to make a decent fire is put noodles in the oven. With those things around I don’t think that would land or help… just too dangerous.

Doesn’t seem to be many of them around here any more. Not a single one in the street or behind the house to be seen. It seems weird not having them around though, like they are waiting for me somewhere.

As usual my insatiable appetite is causing me trouble. Not much food yet, most of it destroyed and I’m starving … unn. Fine I’ll cook some noodles again but watch it like a freekin hawk. huh, didn’t realise I’ve been carrying around some bacon as well, that might be nice too.


Well that lunch wasn’t too bad. Everything is better with bacon and the house didn’t burn down again.. HURRAY. While I was cooking I did hear a window break nearby. Pretty sure it isn’t from this house though, it didn’t sound that close so there must still be those things around.

I keep wondering if there is anyone else out there trying too eke out an existence like me. I see broken windows and such at a lot of the houses and it can’t just be those things doing all of that. Just makes sense that there must be others. It’s boring being alone all the time like this and it would be better to have others around to talk too, would make these supply runs easier as well.

Don’t want to stay in this house any longer… it’s too depressing being next to the charged remains of what I wanted to be my home. I’ve also taken everything from these surrounding houses so it’s probably better to move to a different spot. Tomorrow at least anyway. I was thinking about securing this house but if I’m moving on I think it would be fine sleeping upstairs for another night.

Project Zomboid

Time to make a fresh start.

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