Diary of the Damned: Suburban Dream

Well time to get out of here now. No point staying here next to that house any longer.

It’s probably not a good idea to venture too far out from here.. I have no idea what’s really out there or any dangers and no idea where to find what I need. Who knows what’s left to loot now. I might just stick to the suburban areas for now, there would have to be a lot more of them around the populated areas.

Just far enough away to make supply gathering easy for a bit again.. establish small outposts and work from there. There are so many house to choose from around here though. No wrong way to go at the moment since I’ve yet to explore the neighbourhood.


Well… going down the road didn’t look very good, quite a few of them milling around near the intersection. Just a small group but enough to make me rather cautious. I’m hard pressed taking on 2 at a time let alone a group that size. Even those bushes down there looked to have a few around, waiting9222222 best not to alert them to my location either as I’m likely to alert the larger group.

I think every house could be a potential home at the moment. With the amount of houses around I won’t be running out of places to explore and plunder for a while yet.

The house near that horde doesn’t look like a good decision. there seem to be a number of them stuck inside scraping at the wall. I’m gathering I could take them out but I would prefer a house that is untainted.. at least for now anyway. Something about having a corpse around is a little disconcerting.

The next house back looked great, nothing inside. And I didn’t find a single one of them in any of the rooms. I was expecting it though and each time I opened a door I held that club ready to swing. Was kind of disappointed not to use it though. They love jumping out at you unaware but never when you are… the watched pot conundrum

There is actually a lot of decent stuff here. The kitchen seems to be reasonably supplied with a reasonably amount of utensils and cooking things as well as food items. Lots of things to keep me entertained as well like books to read, more pencils and paper to write my diaries and even a rubix cube. I also found a sweet handgun.. PEW PEW. I’ve never used one before and to be honest I’d rather not start now. My aim won’t be great and I’m guessing the noise would be a siren call to any others around. I might still carry it around with me but just for emergency situations, in case I ever get surrounded and need it to get away.

The absolute best part about this place is the awesome garden furniture and barbecue out the back. I can imagine myself lying back there with a nice soda and this way, I can cook here and have no possibility of burning down the house again. I call that an essential. Cleaned the yard a bit before having a relax though.

Project Zomboid

Spent the rest of the evening covering up the windows downstairs again and going through the rooms as much as I could then organising everything downstairs. It’s a nice house here and a nice neighbourhood, don’t feel like moving on just yet when there is a lot around here for me.

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Creating Characters and Customisation

I think one of the main reasons I play mmo’s is for the increased customisation we have available..that and interacting with others of course. I’ve played many single player games and while they still have elements of customisation in how you look and how you play it isn’t on the same level as mmo’s. Even the restricted experiences seem to be better than most.

Unfortunately in recent times there seems to be a decline in this facet of mmo’s. They still contain elements of cosmetic and build customisation but the available options, and how you use them are become less and more restrictive. The simplification of the genre has been a steady process over this generation and while combat and quest structure seem to be the most obvious I’ve also noticed a decline in how much control we get over our characters.
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