Diary of the Damned: Hole in One

Another new day out there, sun shining and not a single one of them to be seen anywhere. It’s still rather early at the moment but I want to get started as quickly as possible today. A packet of chips and an apple to start and a bit of water from the sink should do me for most of the day… well maybe till lunch time.

Time to get this new house stocked up


The first thing I did today was check out all the nearby garages. I’ve been wanting to find more wood planks for a while now as it’s the only way to really make those windows secure but there was nothing around but several hammers and a few more nails. waste of time. At least none of the windows were locked on them this time so I could easily slip in and out.

The house up from me had some inside that I could see but then when I went to the house below me it had some inside as well. so many everywhere I go so I thought why not but the minute I opened the window the damn house alarm went off. I ran for cover rather quickly and sure enough, like a bee to honey some of them quickly came to the area.

Hmm, I was going to not bother about it but then I think I’m trying a little to hard to avoid fights so i got in there and ready to take them out. Don’t think I should have done that though. The first when down quickly; a timed swing to the head and it was down and then a couple more to the head. Then the next two were on me and one of those was built like a freekin Tank. I have no idea how many times I hit it but by the time it was down I was sore and breathing hard. 

Inside were two of them but they went down quickly this time. There was one more that I didn’t see though, I thought it was dead… like proper dead there in the kitchen and then it started crawling towards me. I was shocked at first and had to back off, then I Smacked it in the head.

Project Zomboid

The house didn’t have anything important inside just more of the usual food items, couple cans and a bottle of whiskey. Can’t stand the stuff myself but it should make a nice water bottle for when I’m out. Found another tea bag which was nice although I just need some more sugar  for another cuppa.

While looking around the house I did notice a row garages down a bit further and on a side ride. There would have to be some decent stuff in those. I might keep getting food first and then check those out in the days to come.

It’s good to keep busy like this because once you stop the reality of the situation hits you and you just can’t go on. I don’t plan on giving up just yet.

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