Link Dead Radio: Gamer’s, Glitch and Game Criticism

  • Grumpy Elf gives a rundown on how to Fake your way through dungeons and raids. It is more about wow but a lot of the tips relate to any mmo out there, the only question is, is that the right thing to do? People can be elitist aholes but then we have all had a bad pug or two.. or three.. or many more.
  • Musings of Mischief and Mayhem gives a peek into the mind of a gamer girl as well as some insights into our tenuous relationships.
  • Psychology of games has an interesting article about the connection we have with our avatars and the various emotional and behavioural they correlate with
  • MMORPG gets more info about the monetization scheme for Archeage… yep, that’s my hopes for the game going down the toilet. It was a fun hype ride while it lasted.
  • Oh and here’s an absolutely amazing Minecraft community called the Shire

The Vids

Machina Arcana is a boardgame currently seeking funds on kickstarter. It’s a Steampunk inspired cooperative survival dungeon runner and…. isn’t that enough

Valve held it’s Saxxy awards again and this one has to be one of my favourites

And if you feel like laughing at people than look no further than the GW2 Pledge video playlist

The Pics

I posted a few of my initial Blade and Soul pics to the Flickr account. It is a very pretty… VERY pretty game although the karate dogs scene is still my favourite.

BnS doggies

I also made a squirrel girl…and have no regrets


I reminisced a little about rift and my old stomping grounds…stomping guardians into the ground that is.

rift 2013-11-30 18-07-04-846

OOO.. and I saw this mob having a barbecue in the middle of a Rift Tear. Number of fucks given