Progress report: Enticed by New and Old

I’ve been diseased this previous week…dang kids again. The start of the week was great until some kind of poisonous green slime crawled into my respiratory system and decided to take several days to come out again.. bit by bit. Still sound like a drunken horse as well as coughing up lots of.. well.. that’s enough visuals for now

It did leave a little more time for gaming as I had the Friday off and I didn’t really move nearly the entire weekend. Just made a cocoon for myself with Tea cups and tissues. Luckily the hubby was here and on pamper patrol so he cooked and cleaned up over the time leaving me time to do all those other important things.

Unfortunately I managed to lose my phone during the week, no idea where it is now so that will definitely hamper my ability to write posts in a timely manner. I put a lot of my notes and the basics of a post into it during the day and while travelling, which leaves home time mostly for cleaning cooking and killing things. Now it has to be at home… Oh well, claimed the loss on insurance so I should be getting another in the week to come.

I miss my phone though =(


A lot of the weekday play was once again spent in the delightful Risk O’ Rain. I’ve started unlocking more of the characters which really improved the replayability. Was getting kind of bored with the beginning ones, even if they are still pretty good to play. Acrid, the self regenerating alien monster thingy has to be one of my favourites now. It has some great tools to use; melee and ranged that make it easier to tackle a variety of mobs and that disease type one that spreads is amazing on groups. Really awesome. Still haven’t finished the game though.

More Project Zomboid…as you may have seen. Missed the last diary entry unfortunately as getting everything together for the Link round up took more time than I thought and there wasn’t enough to play the day through as well as write it.. I’ll see if I have time after finishing this post but I doubt it. I was still playing the game in other ways, messing around with the various sandbox settings and seeing how well I can go…not well usually. So much to learn.

I jumped back into Terraria for another small and mostly just did lots of digging.. digging and digging. No idea why but it’s just a relaxing kind of activity where you can go about your business just collecting random stuff. Should be close to getting a tanking set soon which is nice… then maybe a shadow set. Hmm… reminds me that I never actually built a large home base just for me as a place to store all my stuff. Thinking of creating an entire water map and making a Waterworld type deal with boats and pontoons and such.

Jumped into Blade and Soul over the weekend and had some fun in the character creator again and actually got to play this time. Took me a while to figure out how to get the game to run for me without a few errors. One was caused by not installing while the system Locale was a Chinese (simplified) version, the other because my QQ account didn’t have a Chinese Identification number on it… and well… now it does =p

It looks like it could be a rather fun game from my limited play but I only got through the Starter Isle so it’s hard to say. Limited hot bar but with a selection to choose from in regards to each spot. The system actually reminds me of Diablo 3 in how you will unlock more options for specific spots as you go and maybe customise those in certain ways.

The mage/pet/summoner/something class I was involved the management of a resource with basic attacks giving more of it and the others expending a certain amount. It had a nice action feel to it with the animations being rather spectacular. It looks and plays like a martial arts movie but with a decidedly cutesy manga influence.

BnS pet

Madam Fluffybutt

It is a ridiculously pretty game.. just wow and it makes me really question why we always seem to get the dark grim and ugly stuff. The scope of the visuals and detail really is amazing. Final Fantasy 14 already looks rather old in comparison. I’ll keep posting pics to the Flickr as I play

The other interest has of course been Rift… Yep, still playing. I honestly didn’t expect it to last this long. The magic of the game really isn’t there any more, replaced with the standard mmo lite experience yet I’m still here. The nostalgia is definitely playing a part as I’m enjoying seeing the same sights and completing many of the same challenges. Making my way through all the Dungeons with the last to be completed being  Foul Cascade, a dungeon inspired by Scarlet Gorge that involves The realm of Death making trouble again. I like the open feel of the dungeon, the stars and lights above and how it isn’t as linear as the rest. Fun Fights too.. if a little easy.

Not FC but the same aesthetic

Not FC but the same aesthetic

I actually found myself doing the Mech event daily during the week, like logging on specifically just to do it… the horror. I have a bit of a soft spot for those great lumbering machines and wanted to try my luck at picking one up in the random boxes the daily hands out. After a few goes at the daily, and then confirmed on the forum, it seems the daily giving one of the event boxes is a first time one off kind of thing. You can either have a go on another character or purchase from the shops. Smart buggers… like any good drug dealer peddling their wares you always give the first hit for free.

You know, my account was looking rather barren in terms of fluff and I needed a pretty mount but aint no way I’m buying a lockbox. It would have been far better to have these new items in the shop for a price and then maybe create this daily to give people a free chance. That would have created a better sense of good will and might have stirred interest in the items further. Instead we get RNG… sigh.

In the week to come I’m probably going to be jumping into Blade and Soul again over the weekend. Found a nifty English language pack so that will definitely help. I purchased Forced on sale during the week and it looks like an interesting cooperative clicker killer. Probably a little more Rift and progressing up to cap.

Hmm.. what else was there…