Diary of the Damned: Corpse Walk

Early day start again and getting ready to explore the neighbourhood again. I feel like I should be clearing out the nearby houses; easier to bring stuff back from the close houses and I feel like it would be good to get rid of any inhabitants in case I need to leave my house in a hurry. You know if it gets comprised by those things…or starts burning down around me again.

I.. unnnhh…

can’t hang on much longer. There was one I thought I could take; knocked them down, bashed the head and walked away thinking it was dead and it got back up again. Then there was two.. backed away into the kitchen, tried to get back through the window but the cabinets were there and couldn’t climb with them there.

pz death

…Then there was three. Couldn’t move and got backed into the corner. Biting and scratching at me…..lasted for a bit and then I just collapsed.

They just left me here bleeding. Can’t move and…and I feel weird. Tired and nauseas but also like a fire is spreading throughout my body….

It hurts so much

<— Day 8


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  2. Ok I’ve been holding out but this running diary REALLY has me wanting to try this out. Where’s a sale when you want one …Anyone get it on Desura and have a spare Steam key? 🙂

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