Link Dead Radio: Creating worlds, Communities and Combat Charm

The Links

  • Great post about static worlds, removing social tools and death of the crafter at The Wolf Den.
  • Feminist Games has a great article exploring the concept of admittance in games. How communities and groups are formed; the creation and enforcement of social standards and how they influence player behaviour
  • EQ nexus is getting on board the hype and talking about how he fell out of love with the trinity as well as the positives behind the removal. The points mentioned are well detailed and add further to the trinity debate, especially when it comes to EQNext.
  • Pixel Piracy, a absolutely brutal rogue like about living the life of a pirate; exploring and plundering…and dying A LOT is giving away for free via torrents. FREE PEOPLE, seriously. Seems interesting and worth a try
  • not gaming related but this is truly an amazing story of a woman’s fortitude in dealing with the more insidious elements of the internet
  • MMO Gypsy rants about the lack of quality in the indie scene and how many developers are simply relying on nostalgia to sell their game and shield it from criticism.
  • Oh and if you want to get me a pressie for Christmas one of these sweet Elder Scrolls notebooks or bag would be sweet… that or a new pc =p

hmm..feel like I’m missing something.

The Vids

What is EQN Landmark….my only thought right now is  OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

No Man’s Sky looks breathtaking. I would consider getting an occulus Rift just for this

Gaming 2013 in under 2 minute. While the mmo space has been a bit depressing we really have had some amazing titles this year

The amazing WvW loot from Season one *note* not the actual reward but still funny

Kingdoms Rise looks to be an improvement on the brutal combat of Chivalry but with a fantasy twist. More colourful places to fight and the inclusion of spells and buffs. Another early access game and sounds like it is still a bit buggy but the concept is just amazing

Windforge, a game about exploring the world in your own player built steampunk skyships achieved it’s Kickstarter goal in the final day. It looks like an interesting project and is now seeking greenlight as well. I think I have enough alpha titles in my library at the moment though

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