Progress Report: Exploring the Seas and Stars

Another week of rather restrained gaming. There is a lot to do around the house at the moment in terms of cleaning and preparing for the holidays. We’ll be having people stay over and I will once again be cooking Christmas Lunch for the family. This means getting prepared on what to cook, buying certain staples now and cleaning up the pig sty the house has become of late. Wow it’s dirty.

It’s also been a weird week where you really don’t feel like doing very much at all, this includes gaming and writing to an extent. It seems it’s a contagious condition with a few people I regularly read feeling the same pinch. Luckily I have 3 weeks vacation coming up starting after next week which will give me time to refresh, do stuff and maybe get stuck into the steam list as well as the titles I’ll inevitably buy in the sales. Everyday day till then is just me dragging my carcass to work and back.

I’ve mostly been catching up on the T.V shows again. The latest couple episodes of Grimm, Supernatural, New girl, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary. Such great shows although it seems Grimm might be slipping a little and well, supernatural is still just supernatural. I’ve also been enjoying a documentary style show by Anthony Bourdain called Parts Unknown, really great look into the experiences within certain cultures.

For Anime it’s been keeping up with Kill la Kill which I still find oddly alluring, it’s ridiculously stupid but I love the style of animation, humour and unrestrained crazy. The other I’ve been watching is Sunday without god, a tale of a cute girl gravekeeper whose job it is to give the dead a proper burial in a world where you continue to live after death and which most people would prefer to keep living in this state. Interesting premise to the show and it feels very warm and emotional.

sunday without god

It also seems like I’ve missed out on an entire year of music. No idea why but I haven’t been keeping up with the bands and genres I like or the top alternative and rock groups that have surfaced. Been busy listening to some old and new favourites like the new Arctic Monkeys, Daft Punk, King’s of Leon, Arcade Fire and a the lovely sounds of Lana Del Rey.

What was your favourite album from the year?

In terms of Gaming this week it’s been the usual Risk of Rain but only a small amount and no real progress made towards new characters or achievements. More Project Zomboid and learning how to not die better… really wish this already had a multi-player, would be unbelievable awesome.

I played a fair few hours of Pixel Piracy and I’m not sure if I love it or hate it with every fibre of my being and want to punch the person who made this thing that makes me rage so much. The learning curve is insane and there is no tutorial to explain many of the features in-game.. or anywhere I could find. It loves throwing huge difficulty curves at you in a “fuck you that’s why” kind of way. Like just after starting out on your small raft with minimal crew and randomly getting a huge ship with canons attacking you. yeh, thanks for that.

I seriously think I would have died in just about every single way so far and a few novel ones. I’ve starved, died in a mutiny, drowned, died in battle, poisoned by spiders, cannoned, eaten by dogs, poked holes in by natives, had an entire town attack me, ship sunk from bad design, ship boarded and killed, boarded a ship and was killed because my crew decided not to come over. demolished a captured ship while I was still on board, what I think was died of smell, and being blown to bits by my own crew mate who I forgot was wearing a bomb

Pretty sure this was the weirdest death

Pretty sure this was the weirdest death

I really have not had any good luck but it has been fun learning the mechanics in a masochistic kind of way

There has been lots of Starbound of course: learning the mechanics and exploring what the universe holds. I think I should be ready to take on the 2nd boss robot thingy soon and then progress to the next sector. Might just gather more resources first and then work from there.

While my review wasn’t overly positive I’m still going to be playing it a lot more, probably get a server for it up as well although waiting for multiplay to be able to host that once more (yeh I know I could do it, I even have a spare computer that probably could but my internet can be spotty and my upload speed barely copes as it is.)

As for the week to come it will be exploring the universe for shiny things like an extra-terrestrial Skritt. I did end up downloading the patches for Firefall and The Secret World again. I feel like I won’t to but don’t want to play them at the same time. I downloaded Forced as well, a cooperative clicker killer type game that looks interesting and just waiting for someone to play with….  Beuller….. Beuller.

I’m very close to uninstalling Guild Wars 2 as well. Seeing all these awesome vids of the guildies doing the Guild Battles has me excited and the interest hanging on by a thread but I just can’t push myself to play. If I were to jump in for guild battles I’d need to grind and re-gear a little, it would also take a bit of time to train so as to not be a waste of space. unggh. If I do quit I am thinking of going out with a bang and doing some sort of competition around the love and hate that surrounds the title. Wouldn’t be able to sell or give away my in-game stuff, my gaming was mostly WvW and that doesn’t really reward well… maybe some stuffed Charr as whether you love or hate a game everyone loves stuffed gaming critters

What do you think?

Well, dats all folks and may your gaming travels be filled with shiny stuff to steal

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