Link Dead Radio: Level design, Let’s Play and Listmas

The Links

YouTube began a massive controversy this week due to their newly implemented content ID infringement service that has been sending out thousands of infringements, sometimes on unrelated videos that turn the authors work into the property of the alleged IP owners. It’s a nasty state of affairs that is affecting the livelihood of many content producers on youtube. The best rant on the situation would have to be Angry Joe’s (check out the VGX vid too, hit on some good points)

  • Explores the mediums behind the standard kill simulator and Eroge titles (ie. adult dating sims), and how one title should be far more accepted than it is. Forgot to put this one on the list a couple weeks back
  • Missed the kickstarter for Bloom so keep, where’s those infinite funds I had on backorder. So keep an eye on this space if you too missed it
  • Herding Cats talked about the rather awful Wildsatar character models and options. I have to agree as well, they are once again a shameless representation of everything that is wrong with the industry. Lazy design like this will not be tolerated any more. While I will play a game regardless of the character models style it does hamper my long term enjoyment and likelihood of staying around.

Lovely Listmas

Time for merriment and cheer and of course lists… lots and lots of lists. CT Murf has taken it open himself to organise a listmas week all.. by  … himself … =p Starting on the 20th and who doesn’t love lists this time of year. Tis the season to write your top 5 or ten or WHATEVER! So yes, it is a call to arms from all you blogger extroidanaires out there but also the readers, if you have a list just send it in to your favourite blogging superstar, with a little warning first of course (better be me!) and let the listmas times BEGIN!

The Vids

Wasteland is looking ratehr awesome and is now on steam early access

Walking Dead season 2 tralier.

Pillars of Eternity

And an awesome dead rising 3 lets play. Ty to Liore for this one…many laughs had

Any more awesome out there I missed