Progress Report: Building Boats and Searching Spaceships

Christmas and my 3 week holiday is soooo close now WOOOO! Can’t wait. It’s been a long time since I had a proper break from work and just time to myself, Christmas time will be the usual busy family stuff but afterwards is all me time. Trying to guilt my hubby into a beach weekend as well with maybe a few trips to interesting places.

This week has been rather good on the gaming front; couldn’t be bothered about study stuff at all and the hubbies home for the week so is doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. It is mostly man foods, frozen pies and such but oh well.

The Wolf Among us

I’ve been thinking I should probably write a review for it but I don’t have enough time at the moment. All I can really say is buy this game, it’s a wonderful experience and while this is only the first part I feel confident that the quality will be there throughout.

It has a very similar system to their previous title the Walking Dead with its style of interactive storytelling. It is a defined but wonderful story that let’s the player have a certain amount of input on how it progresses as well as the occasional action Quick Time event scenes.

The Wolf Among Us

The visuals are just amazing. It’s a wonderfully unique style which takes cues from film noir that perfectly suits the detective murder mystery theme and yet twists this into the Fables theme.

I ended up finishing the first episode in one sitting and was completely engaged throughout. I ended up being nice but also fair detective in my actions, expecting them to follow rules but also showing mercy where I could. You can see that they’ve learnt a lot from developing that first title and all that has gone into making this a much better, focused and more stylised interactive story.


An interesting and rather cute looking puzzle game that involves you controlling some sort of entity that can shift into various elements. The elements have certain features in what they do and how the interact with the environment and you use these to traverse around a level.

I can’t say I really enjoyed it though, the aesthetic is lovely but the puzzle elements are rather basic. You know the range of what you can and should do relatively early one which leaves the difficulty having more to do with twitch skills and quick combinations. It gets entirely frustrating being punished by bot knowing what was ahead or even trying to get that perfect jump that seems more to do with luck.

I think I got half way though before I was done with it and I don’t see myself coming back to it.


Yay, back into Terraria again for some building fun. I had the idea for a large boat base a while back and it was finally time to start creating it. My first try didn’t turn out how I had imagined, the shape was all off and it was nowhere near big enough.

I did a bit of googling for inspiration and found a few ideas, the shape is the main thing at the moment and I think I have that part right. I didn’t realise how big it was going to be until I started crafting and putting the background into the Captain’s quarters. This is going to be one gigantic galleon.


It spans for a couple of screens across as well as a couple down. Definitely enough room for all my stuff with room to spare and maybe even space for a biome or two as well as a Alchemy/greenhouse section. Should be enough space for all the NPC’s as well.

At the moment I’m more just trying to work out the style I want, the look of the wood types as well as any other blocks I want…. thinking more gold and platinum with a hint of the purple palladium. I’m also thinking about making a collection of boats now as well with boardwalk’s across to each other. Finding enough rope is going to be tricky though.

In some sad news I’ve closed down the server now as it wasn’t seeing much more action and not much point paying without playing. I wish my net would be able to support the server myself but that’s not that possible, I even have a dare laptop that could do it… Oh well. I do have the world file downloaded if anyone should want it and also to keep it around for my own needs.

This now leaves me free for having a Starboard server when it becomes available. I have been thinking about getting a virtual private server instead, seems to give more freedom than renting an actual game server, might be cheaper too but I’ve never done it before and am unsure about the functionality.

Mass Effect

I also put a fair bit of time into Mass Effect this week which was a lot of fun although I’m trying to hold back a little on it because there is usually so much to write about.

The first thing to do was the Tali mission and visiting the fleet for her military hearing and wow did that escalate quickly. Going from a well-respected person to a despised traitor in an instance and then learning you might have also caused the death of hundreds and maybe even jeopardized the entire Fleet.

Mass Effect 2 tribunal

It was an interesting mission overall. The court scenes and talking to many different individuals after really gives some interesting information regarding the Quarrians. They are a fiercely loyal and nationalistic race which, considering the circumstance of having to abandon their home world makes sense. In a way they remind me of the Warhammer 40k Eldar; forced from their homes and now travelling the universe like wandering gypsies, hoping to one day be able to return.

MassEffect2 2013-12-11 20-54-34-581

It’s interesting though that they are the creators of their own demise but, I’m actually not entirely against the Geth. They mostly just seem to want to live and be left to their own but the Quarrians seem intent on destroying them. I have to wonder whether they would be able to return now as long as they were not to show any hostile intent.

Tali’s mission seemed to reinforce this in that they were once again the creators of their own demise. Why mess with such dangerous technology, I understand the aim but wouldn’t diplomacy be a better option. Has that been tried?

The combat seems to be getting more tactical now, requiring the right use of skills, weapons and movement. The enemies are trying to flank me more often and you can’t just stand in the open for long. I am starting to feel a little overpowered during combat; maxed out overcharge just dominates the shielded enemies and then pounding them with the pistol straight after. Also HOLY Shit at the m 920.. that thing is like firing a small nuke. Blew myself up the first time but it seems a bit useless after use due to the ammo requirement.

The end of the mission was another tear jerker but also another moral dilemma. Poor Tali and her father and the now complex relationship they have in death. Gave her a hug…awwww

MassEffect2 2013-12-11 21-26-19-158

I had a bit of trouble deciding which path to take. It seems the better idea to shame the dead but then Tali wanted to take on the responsibility herself. How do you decide what decision to make there.. shame the father, the culprit or the innocent body that’s asking for it. In the end I let the blame fall on her as it seems the reputation her father had built up might be more important.

After this mission I went straight to retrieve the Reaper device. There is till the Samara, Thane and Jack mission but I really don’t like the one-sided nature of their motives and story. In the midst of all these wonderful morale dilemmas, family trouble seem like a poor storytelling substitute. It seems like the missions that deal with family members rarely helps to develop the character; Jacob was still the same after, as was Miranda. I also just felt like getting on with the main storyline and fighting the reapers.

The mission itself created so many questions though and parts that I don’t understand. Are the geth worshipping the collectors, tat was there alter looking onto a core part of the ship wasn’t it?

Mass Effect 2

Are they connected to the collectors in some way. The Geth Robot was talking about them as the Heretics, like they are the obsolete abnormality. Old software. The Gteh obviously have their own motives and these don’t fit in with the collectors at all. It’s almost like the Geth are a program, like in the matrix, that has broken free of the core design. just a thought.

Whatever they are they are strange machines, they obviously don’t entirely think rationally or based entirely on probability. Why wouldn’t they have just wiped out the Quarrians when they could? Also they can lie, The Geth robot was wearing a part of N7 armor yet denied any knowledge of Shepard and the Normandy. Wherever he attained that from it was sure to know what it was before using it.

Mass Effect 2 geth

Resistance… can be arranged

Also it seem that, even in the future we still can’t be rid of spam mail. Pyramid schemes, chain letters and… this one. It seems it’s a universal law like now like death.

Mass Effect 2 mail

Oh and I might of chickened out on getting freaky with Garrus. I COULDN’T HELP IT! He started talking about friendships, respect and such and well it just got awkward… more awkward. Friendzoned by an alien. He did say he would research what to do though… so maybe.

For the week to come I really have no idea just yet. Maybe more Mass Effect and Terraria building but the rest is quite open. feeling that mmo itch once more so maybe more Rift, Firefall or Blade and Soul. I should really do some study stuff as well.. OOOOH and some Just Cause 2 multi-player if my system can handle it. The game is crazy usually but adding such a comprehensive mod on top is craziness. I hope this gets some attention from the publishers as it would be good if they supported it.

Well Dats all Folks and may all you’re families be boring to avoid the moral conundrums


6 thoughts on “Progress Report: Building Boats and Searching Spaceships

  1. I liked El4mental. I thought it was a fun little platformer for all its pacing flaws. Much better than say, Thomas Was Alone. A few of the latter sections can be pretty fiendish without some quick fingers.

    As well, I see you’ve met Legion. Prepare for disappointment. His backstory and such got severely butchered in development when they cut out a fairly large section of the early game that he was going to star in as I recall. You will never will get an answer to the N7 armor question in game for instance

    • Yeh just didn’t enjoy it. One part that really irritated me was how it always wants to respawn and drop you as the rock, even though in a split second you need to be ice for movement.
      There are a lot of needless death points.

      That’s a shame. Considering how big the game is it’s no wonder they had to cut certain sections. I know very little about it yet, only just reawakened and had that initial converstaion

      • If that’s where you left off I look forward to your next post. You’re on the very edge of what is possibly among the coolest parts of the game.

  2. Really hoping to pick up Wolf Inside in the Christmas sale if they have one (they always do, I’m sure they will). Saw it get cheap in the Black Friday sale but I’d already bought Morrowind and Faerie Solitaire by then. Boo. :< But must get Walking Dead season 2 first..

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