Answers on AvA

Brian wheeler recently held a question and answer over at elitist Jerks focused on the AvA in Elder Scrolls Online. He ended up answering quite a few important questions with some more answers coming throughout the week as he gets time. While A lot of it was just repetition on know concepts but often it does elaborate further and expand on the concept and mechanics.

Here’s a condensed list:

  • no collision – It was discussed but it became a question about the amount of players and the consequence on performance
  • no text communication with enemies, emotes only
  • Ability to take on larger numbers – A number of answers went into the difference between numbers, skill and coordination on combat and how they want squads to have a certain impact.
  • Campaign Balance – can restrict numbers for each alliance. More points for capturing highest point alliance. and holding own while being the underdog
  • PvP Customisation – visible rank symbols instead of titles, Armour with unique look and stat bonus
  • Emperor gains specific skills useful outside pvp as well as specialised to pvp
  • Flexible campaign system – many mechanics able to be changed such as scoring or even restrictions based on rank. Will look into community feedback
  • Gear from multiple areas of the game can be effective
  • Guilds can only claim one structure or location whether that be a keep of resource site. After Claiming guild stores become available with the store showing up on the quartermaster
  • leaderboards with filters for class, alliance and leaders
  • Switching campaigns costs alliance points. Can guest to another campaign if in a party with another. Home campaign determines bonuses
  • Map Size – 20-30 minutes to go from one end to the other (huuuuuuuuuuuuuge and much better than the 2-5 I’m used to)
  • No designed GvG – seems like you are still just meant to use Cyrodil as a fighting ground. With Campaign guesting it might making it easier but no easy way to fight your own alliance.
  • Economic War – Talked about it being an economic war with a certain cost to siege, defence and maintenance. Walls need to be rebuilt after being destroyed; can cripple defence through attrition. Areas within Cyrodil to attain gold such as quests and events. With the Guild stores being an AvA mechanic only it might be economically viable to only be involved with AvA.

It seems like they have added multiple avenues for motivation with ranks, customisation, ego, and avenues of progression within AvA. An economic war sounds like an improvement that might value having an economy and providing more strategic avenues. Massive map is going to be a bonus.. you just need it otherwise the system falls apart and lacks meaning.

The part I’m most concerned about is the guest functionality. Having the ability to access other campaigns and influence with ease may cause problems. Paying for skilled mercenary groups and such may cause imbalance within certain campaigns and I wonder how it will affect certain players and guilds sense of attachment to their own campaign.


I know this is scraping the bottom of the barrel for information, they have had a tight embargo on information for some time now and the AvA is an even greater enigma. Apparently guilds are within and testing the mechanics, which guilds and how many? With release coming up within the next few months it seems time to start unveiling these areas further.

And give me a beta key of course


Faithful Fans and Helpful Haters

I really don’t like “fans” of a specific game any more. It’s a term that used to have many positive connotations, a descriptive you would and could wear with pride but now days it just seems to come with too much baggage.

I like a lot of things and I love a select few but even now I don’t think I could call myself a fan of anything in particular. I used to envy those people who felt strongly enough about something to call themselves a fan and yet, here I am using it as a negative. They used to be held up on a pedestal to admire, amazing knowledge on everything and helping out where they can but now, it’s more a smug idiot trying to prove their superiority complex. Lets be honest as well and say they are becoming a bit of a joke in the regular media as well.
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