Link Dead Radio: More Listmas Love, a Marketing Mess and Exploring Mechanics

The Links

  • Gamasutra wonders why we are still discussing, analyzing and reflecting on the old adventure games. I’m guessing the resurgence of the genre had something to do with that, although, they really did have a special kind of charm.
  • Gamasutra has another interesting article regarding the failures of Satire in Far cry 3… or the industries inability to understand it.
  • More analysis on marketing with a post exploring why the geek girl is often not marketed too and the industries incessant need to play it safe with proven data. Then there’s this news post from Mary Sue showing that when a show does, somehow break the trend instead of being supportive they just cancel it. Can’t have conflicting information now can we.
  • Gamerdame rants on the gaming trends that need to die and it’s hard to argue against this items and how destructive or annoying they’ve been
  • Game by Night is back blogging once more, an interesting post about the broken nature of review scores
  • It seems to have dawned on Hunter’s Insight recently that GW2’s cash shop really don’t encourage you to purchase with the needless restrictions on items.
  • Kill Ten rats is exploring what a good fight means in mmo’s in particular how it relates to GW2 at the moment. Going to have to write my own post about this soon.
  • Pop Matters explores Kentucky Route Zero and how it manipulates commonly understood and familiar concepts as well as the use of spatial manipulation in creating spaces within spaces.

Well it looks like a Listmas miracle so far with many bloggers getting involved to share there favourite, and most hated things. There is a complete list of listmas Lists over at United We game….Listception. It’s continually getting updated throughout the week so check back for updates.

Oh yeh and thank the lovely Mr Murf for setting this all up while you’re at it

The Vids

Dying Light Gameplay. I was very interested in another zombie survival game but with the parkour and stuff it does look pretty awesome.


Amazing Christmas construction in Terraria