Listmas 2013: An Account of Awesome

It’s been a wonderful year of gaming, yes the mmo scene has been rather slow but there have been some huge release as well as many interesting Indies getting a lot of the attention they deserve. I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing and playing a lot of those big titles because these indie seem like the better choice in terms of value. I’ve been quite caught up in Guild Wars 2 for much of the year, those mmo’s take a looooot of time away from other games.

Anyway, here’s a quick list of my favourite gaming experiences in no particular order whatsoever

Walking Dead

The year started off with this wonderful interactive experience; a warm-hearted tale about the connection we have with family and other people. It created some really difficult decisions of morality and made it feel like your choices mattered.

WalkingDead101 2013-01-01 15-49-52-78

Tomb Raider

One of the first major titles I tried for the year that absolutely blew me away. Graphically stunning, interesting character development and something that immersed and engaged. A wonderful reboot to a beloved franchise.



One of the cutest and most interesting Indies of this year. An interesting flipping mechanic combined with a platformer and puzzle game


Absolute group insanity. Wonderfully vibrant aesthetic and interesting mechanics, it was also one of the most hilarious multi-player games of the year.

Gone Home

One of the most moving experiences of the year if not in my gaming lifetime. Immersive environment and absolutely beautiful story telling that everyone should play.



Great co-op fps dungeon crawler. Tight fluid controls and movement with interesting and deep progression system. Now on PS4 as well


A personal mmo favourite just based on potential. Fps mmo with a focus on open-world freedom, fast paced combat with an emphasis on movement and the beginnings of an important crafting system and economy. With a change in management and a huge funding boost near the end of the year watch this for things to come.


Risk of Rain

Wonderful rogue like that I’ve sunk dozens of hours into already. Action combat, permadeath, perfect risk v reward system and free from progression.

Risk of Rain


Released a while ago now but this year saw the huge 1.2 patch that added a ton of content. Great mix of fluff, progression and exploration.


Diablo 3, ps3

For some reason I was a little let down with Diablo 3 when it first released as it just didn’t feel rewarding to play. Then I played it on the ps3 and fell in love.. This is how it was supposed to be.


Even though it received a lot of hate due to the many issues and perceived slights it was a decent building game, I also had a Love and hate relationship with it but found it worth it. It very much taps into that similar and enthralling management feel but with a modern take. The regions and cities have been streamlined but there is still a lot of depth to maintaining and growing you cities and regions.

Also it’s puuuurty



Arena lobby based mech shooter with, a wonderful steam punk aesthetic, excellent controls and really interesting map design. I gave a glowing Review but have never picked it up again since, need to correct that soon.

Hawken Team

Far Cry 3 ps3

Not the amazing going experience my friends proclaimed it to be but still fun. It was the full shooty package wrapped up in an outlandish story with a good mix of adrenaline pumping action and sneaky gameplay.

Shadowrun Returns

Another reboot of a beloved franchise that created a good modern take. Turn based RPG with many of the cyberpunk elements that make the genre something great.


Remember Me

A wonderful but ultimately flawed game. Absolutely stunning visuals in a lovingly crafted futuristic paris, pity it was such a linear experience in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

Remember Me


A relaxing but deep management sim involving maintaining an over-world town and then digging deep to reveal its dangerous nougat centre. A surprising twist on the dungeon keeper series.

Towns Farmland

Kentucky Route Zero

Scroll down a little to see a quick write up. Absolutely brilliant experience in how it reflects on perception of reality and space as well as maintaining an abstract style that is both haunting and whimsical.



lovely and cute god game involving the use of gods, or a certain manifestation of them to terraform a world and provide for its inhabitants.


Wolf Among US

Amazing take on the fables genre with the style and incorporation of characters into a modern world. Near perfect rendition of the modern adventure game genre.


Project Zomboid

One of my surprise hits of the year that never fails to entertain and engage. Great survival game with incredibly deep mechanics that is only getting better as it nears release. I even wrote a little survival genre which ended rather abruptly. If it had multi-player I would be in love.

Project Zomboid

Well dats all folks, I hope you all have had an amazing time gaming in 2013 as well. If you didn’t well…. stop being a gaming grinch.

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