Starbound Server

YAY! I now officially have a working Starbound server and of course it’s free for anyone to join. As if there was any doubt, as I loved Terraria and was after a bit more of that particular gameplay.

In case you didn’t know Starbound is a 2d sprite based digging, building and exploration game where you travel the universe looking for shiny things, it’s currently in beta though so there are a lot of changes coming in quite regularly so maybe expect wipes, both character and world.. hopefully not.

This time I’ve put the server on my own Aussie soil as I didn’t want the lag that occurred to an american one. Your still welcome to join regardless of region but be aware. Just contact me through twitter, the steam thingy on the side over there, or the email address in the about section for the server details and password. So come on over and see the house I stole from some bandits


Oh, and if you have any mod suggestions feel free too tell me, not to hard to get that stuff sorted


2 thoughts on “Starbound Server

  1. My girlfriend is in the Starbound beta and is completely obsessed with it. She put hundreds of hours in to Terraria for PC and we put about 50-60 hours together on the 360 version, but I have yet to make the leap to Starbound myself. I like the idea of different races and being able to explore multiple planets with their own environments, but, in your opinion, does moving from planet to planet divert from spending all that time creating large-scale homes? That was a large amount of the appeal for Terraria and Minecraft for me when I grew tired of farming materials or committing accidental suicide in lava pools.

    • YES.. that’s exactly what I said about it. The focus on exploration detracts a bit from the base building, but once you hit end it kind of opens op a bit better. I wrote a review type thing pointing that out a week or so back.

      The good bit is you also don’t run into a lot of the multiplayer problems you have in terraria and minecraft with only having one land space and limited resources… Terraria especially.

      I was, and still am a little obsessed with Terraria, was running a server for it before this one. My latest project is creating a gigantic galleon on a water’s huge. Posting some pics tomorrow of it.

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