Listmas 2013: New Shinies for the new Year

I’ve seen a lot of lists already about what everyone’s looking forward to in the new year, and all of that makes me excited as well. This year has been a pretty good one for game releases but next year, just wow. I guess with a new generation of consoles development it is expected to have a certain amount of growth in the industry. I’m looking forward to them as well: Wildstar, TESO, EQ Next, The Division, Destiny, Titanfall, and well… all those others. It’s an amazing line up.

I could iterate on what we all now but instead I thought I’d bring up the other games I’m interested in as well

Multi-player Stuffz

It’s going to be a really busy year for mmo’s, many big and small release to look forward to and I don’t know how well I’m going to go giving them enough time. Just have to wait and see.

Ghost in the Shell

I know very little about this title because not much has been released about it but I’m waiting with a fervent interest for ghost in the Shell Online. I’ve always loved the franchise and can’t wait to play a virtual version of it.

It’s going to be a pseudo MMOFPS kind of title with interconnected instanced spaces to PvE and PvP within where I imagine you complete missions, gain experience and maybe even items. There will be 2 factions; section 9 and the Cyber Terrorists with some sort mechanic for fighting over resources.

Yeh that doesn’t sound like much yet but there will be Tachikoma Tanks, and if you don’t like Tachikoma tanks well then… I don’t think we can be friends any more. Ghost in the Shell Online is scheduled for release in the beginning half of 2014.


kingdom Under Fire 2

I have no idea what the original title was but there is going to be a sequel coming next year. It’s going to be some sort of hybrid MMORPG/RTS type thing, A cross between a total war game with directing your army(although not as detailed) and Dynasty Warriors sooooo.. FREAKIN AWESOME!! I’ve been looking for a decent MMO RTS for some time now but they’ve mostly been rather shallow time gated grinds and this might just be it.

It has a whole range of customisation and progression for your characters and army. It is aimed at having many RTS mechanics at its core with politics, sieges, territory control and cultivation of your land and army. It will be a 3 faction based all out war with what also sounds like an interesting guild/ nation building tools where your group and alliance can take over their own territory.

Kingdom under fire 2 is set for a release in the first half of 2014 on pc and PS4

Lego Minifigures Online

Another Lego based game which after the failure of the first Lego mmo could be a bad idea.. you know Funcom though, they never seem to go the safe route with their titles… hipsters. I might actually be a bit more interested in this title as it seems to have far more in common with the very enjoyable recent lego adventure titles in terms of movement and combat. It is more of a thempark experience like these as well with certain prescribed build spots instead of any freeform building.

I also believe it’s tied into real world item much like the Skylanders and Dysney infinity as well which might work for it. Being a part of the regular Lego merchandising will definitely help sell figures and it might even bring new people into the mmo. Funcom seem to support their mmo’s over the long-term which is a great trait to have for a company.

Lego Minifigures Online is coming out for pc download, browser-based and for IOS and android which is kind of why I’m interested; an awesome browser-based title to consume some time on when away from the main puter. No release date scheduled yet except for 2014

Black Desert Online

This is my biggest name for the list and is probably one of the major titles I’m really excited for and wanting to get my hands on as soon as possible. It seems to be gaining quite the buzz at the moment with its action combat and focus on open world activities like boss battles, housing and keep sieges. Many of their ideas also seem divergent from what usually gets created, a model which feel incredibly stale.. always good to see companies moving away from that. The team creating it are incredibly ambitious, creating their own engine for it (with certain flaws) as well as having many amazing features but whether they can pull it off is still unknown.

There has been a little bit of news circulating from the first korean beta test about various mechanics but it still seems more like a concept than an mmo at the moment. It looks great with a lot of detail to the world, that map in particular looks stunning with its network of resources and such. They have also begun their own English localization for the title so it doesn’t look like it’s going to be stuck in development hell for the next year or so like another title.

Grim Dawn

Another one of those top down hack and slash type games. A multi-player ARPG in a rather lavish environment with plans to create a sprawling experience the challenges.

Meh, it’s another good multi-player Diablo Clone.. what more do you want. It’s available on Steam greenlight but it’s still very much an Alpha product at the moment. Expect more in the new year.

The Indies

Yep, we’re getting more of those little titles that amaze and contain boundless levels of creativity and amazing aesthetics. This year I’ve loved playing many Indies and can’t wait for more in the new year. As with before I’m cutting out the big titles in the Indie scene like the Dreamfall Chapters, Child Of Light, Broken Age and transistor so I can have space for a few other amazing titles.

Pixel Junk Inc

I love the pixel Junk collection. They are an amazing group of games that challenge with a wonderful aesthetic and here we have a brand new title to the franchise. This time we’re getting a base building management sim that seems to have just as much charm as those bullfrog titles all those years ago.

It seems to have some wonderful exploration themes with finding resources and such but also allowing a lot of creativity. You create a base, make recipes and refine the manufacturing process the make money to upgrade further. The more you upgrade the more you need to defend. there is no set blueprint either for your base, just figure it out as you go.. which is always fun.

Can’t wait for Pixel Junk Inc, just looks like a lot of fun.


I haven’t been following this game for very long but from what I’ve seen I will probably spend vast amounts of time within its embrace.

It is a survival RTS in the same vein as the settlers franchise just instead of going to cartoon route they made it more gritty and realistic. The size of the towns look impressive with a lot of interesting management to consume yourself with and more punishing mechanics involving the use of risk reward systems as well as a functioning ecosystem.

Banished should be coming early 2014, probably through some sort of early release steam thingy.

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m a sucker for a certain pixel orientated aesthetic. I just love the bright colours and interesting design of these titles… it’s irresistible..

It will involve exploring this colourful universe while managing a space ship in terms of power, shields and weapons through all sorts of wondrous and dangerous encounters. It looks to be a rather chaotic mix of management in getting all these mechanics working for you while still maintaining a health happy ship and crew.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was due out this year but the scope of the game grew so much that it’s now a 2014 release


From Arrowhead Studios, the same people who created the marvellous Magicka comes this new cooperative top down shooter and, it looks fantastic. There has never been a shortage of these types of games but coming from this team I kind of have faith that they’re going to create an amazing unique experience and supporting the title for the long term.

It involves completing certain missions on planets with a team, hopefully all alive and then reaping the rewards. There will be a progression system containing skills, weapons and unlocks as well as a large Leaderboard system that will also be connected into unlocking certain community goals and milestones.

I’m getting some excellent Alien Swarn type vibes, that fantastic mix of engaging combat with that tense horror vibe from the promo material. With the added friendly fire mechanics and the challenge Arrowhead like to sneak up on you I see this being an amazing game where you are going to hate your friends for hours after.

Helldivers is going to be available on PSN for PS4,PS3 and Vita with cross play functionality in the new year


Is a side scrolling bloddy beat-em up with tremendous combos and skill chains. It has a graphic monochrome style that is really quite stunning and that really shows the impact of combat. I love the mindless elements to these games where you’re just slaughtering countless numbers of creatures and people, makes you feel quite powerful at times.

It is also going to have a certain amount of management to it with maintaining your empire and the politics behind it, that is, when you’re not decapitating people and this will be procedurally generated in the event types that affect you.

Aztez will be coming out mid to late 2014

Well I hope you enjoyed the List, Listmas and all this Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year of Gaming to all.


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