Relistmas 2013

Well, It’s been a fantastic Christmas this year due to our Listmas Special circulating around. Listmas seemed to be very much the same, just with the good cheer and merriment focused around our blogging community.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing thinking up and writing interesting lists, I’m usually one to just ramble on and these have made me focus a bit more on the message I’m trying to present. It’s also brought in a surprising amount of internet traffic to my small corner of the internetz thanks to the wonderful Mr Murf who tireless organised the event, getting people involved as well as notifying to new posts and writers; to United we game, the aggregate site for all the Links; and to both Bio Break and Casually Strolling through MMO’s for linking to my articles. And of course all those who have been retweeting links

To everyone that reads thank you as well, we hope you have enjoyed reading our recent Listmas posts as well as our word spams from the year. It just wouldn’t be as meaningful without those wonderful views.

To all the other Bloggers that got involved I say thank you, I’ve enjoyed reading all your wonderful lists Immensely. It’s amazing to see all these varying interests within our community as I believe it makes it that much stronger.

To those that went above an beyond during this time with many lists of a variety of subjects thank you for making this little Listmas idea something Special

The Short Gamer posted on his favourite games from this year and the one to come, bosses, manly men and some interesting podcasts.

Herding Cats listed a few podcasts, music, TV shows and stylish characters.

Roboheartbeat has some great lists about certain video game features, videos, interesting characters within games and pop culture, Fire Emblem, and her favourite sci-fi series that I’m probably going to have to buy very soon.

Casual Aggro highlights games of the new year that he is and isn’t interested in, similarities between Star Trek and the Secret World as well as a recap of his favourite posts from the year.

Go have a look at all these wonderful posts

It also seems the Listmas Spirit has brought out a new blogger, welcome to The Sauce Pot, a fellow anime geek, gamer, book lover and wrestling fan

And My absolute Favourite posts of the Listmas event have to go to the most influential game series over at Geek Force Network by a friend of Mr Murf. An amazing list with some amazing titles.

Thank you all for being involved.


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