Building a Big Assssssss Boat

Just a quick pic to keep you up on my Terraria building because, I’m rather impressed with it. I’ve already spent dozens of hours on it I think, moulding and shaping the base structure, digging out the levels, and lots of tinkering around with what felt like the right materials to use in certain areas.

There is still a lot of decorating that needs to be done as well, just putting knick knacks around the place to make it feel more lived in as well as finishing a few key areas like a library, nursery and.. hmm.. open to suggestions. I also have plans of extending this out with a certain Caribbean base; docks, houses, a few boats around the harbour. It’s turned from a short building boat practice into something far more long term. I really have no idea when I’ll feel finished with it now.

No idea what the motivation was beyond having an urge to build. Maybe it was the lure of EQN Landmark or maybe just the need be creative. Anyway thar she blows!

terraria boat

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The backgrounds a bit wonky because it’s impossible to keep it still as the boat spans multiple full screens and the background shifts as you move. The light is different in parts as well as running around taking these pictures takes time in game and I can’t see myself meticulously taking photos at a specific time for each piece.

I didn’t realise how big it was either until I’d pieced it together.. you can see my tiny character in certain places for comparison.I recently put the Sails in as well but only after I’d spent the time piecing this together although I’m not so sure on them yet… kind of like it without the sails. Or maybe I could create a rolled up look. I still have to port over a lot of my interesting items from the other map as well, lot of cool stuff I collected that I want to have all in one spot

So many things to doooo andย I like it… I like it a lot


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  1. Well, that looks a colossal waste of lack of ship physics! It looks so good, I expect you to sell out of there. Now you need to find a way to trap two of every monster in it, so you can sail off before the Great Flood comes!

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