Best of the Blog: 2013

The year has been an interesting one for news. Even with the lack of releases we have had some huge reveals from big conventions as well as interesting and highly contested updates on certain games. There have been some great discussions in the community regarding a variety of subjects as well and because of this it has been a fun year writing for this little blog of mine. Countless numbers of word spams, reviews, mechanical rambles and fiery rants. I seem to have gotten into a nice routine now with writing as I would like to think over the year that my writing has improved.

Anyway here’s my own personal favourites from the year.

I have no idea how, as an mmo player I can miss the days of yore when we were all but adventurers sharing a world together. Having never played those titles it is a weird feeling but it’s there. Storytelling and the Adventurer was this feeling kind of boiling over. It was brought about by some blogging discussion around the types of stories that ;keep getting perpetuated, in particular that of everyone being the hero… I hate that story.

Over the year of playing Guild Wars 2 I’ve missed my healing roots. That is the style of play that made me feel in love with the genre and the lack of being able to play nothing more than a pseudo support role was making me a bit antsy. The the internet kind of blew up a little with report that EQ Next would not have a defined trinity. My reply to the discussion was Modernising Roles and a Lost love for Healers, which explored my feelings on the matter and how it felt like our, and many other players interests were being abandoned.

Another year full off the same sort of sexist crap from companies and developers, who have ignored certain demographics long enough that it feels natural. Many MANY stories from every genre but there has been certain positives as well. There has been an increased amount of conversation about the way our games present themselves and the themes present within them. My own addition to the debate was Girls, Guys and the Legitimacy of Games, which ended up being more of a rant surrounding certain arguments in the crusade against equality.

The most fun I’ve had this year and in gaming (apart from my PvP escapades) would have to be the delightful Terraria. It was a lot of fun having a server and playing with others while progressing and creating as a group. There are a series of posts to read about my play but I liked writing the one of some Terrarian Thoughts on comparing the mechanics of to how they can improve mmo’s

I’ve ranted and raved a lot regarding Guild Wars 2 over the year, being critical regarding my most despised features of the game as well as the idiocy of choices being made over the year. The Post A horizontal Handicap, where I rip into the failures of guild wars 2 to provide the horizontal progression they were claiming has to be one of the best and still an apt analysis. It is missing so much polish as well as many mechanics that could make the game so much more. Instead we get shallow linear progression and updates.

Now, I haven’t just ranted about guild wars 2 over the year. There have been many things in the gaming industry to annoy but my most heated post would have to be “Random Rage and Substandard Service“. I was really pissed of at how anyone not within the US is often a second class citizen when it comes to the experience and service they get from online games

The longest word spam award goes to the post “Firefall and the cause of my craving for crafting“. It was a lot of word spam but really outlined the parts of crafting I enjoy within Firefall and how to make them better. Crafting should be an important part of our mmo’s, maybe not all but definitely when your aiming more for a virtual world and this is what I believe that needs to succeed.