New Year Gaming Resolutions

Another year is upon us (is it, I don’t know) and, as usual it’s a time for reflection as well as looking on towards the year to come. The lists from the year that’s past are all over with now and even one about the games I’m looking forward to. To finish the year I wanted to list a few things I’m planning to do next year in terms of gaming and the blog just to provide myself with some goals as well as keep you.. YES you informed.

These are in no particular order though, some might happen sooner than others..or, maybe not at all but the intention is there. And if I”m not fulfilling something you wanted to see then just curse at me a little… that will help.

  • Build a PC

Yep, it needs to happen. I’ve been using laptops for many years now and it has always been fraught with issues as well as being sooooo fricken expensive! The current Laptop I bought about a year and a half ago for .. well… a bit of money and it’s already dying. Playing games is an effort in patience and futility with the screen freezing and slow performance. Time to move on.

It might be a bit before I can afford all the necessary components, aiming for around a $2000 dollar machine which should last me for many years to come… hopefully. I’ve never actually built a whole PC before either. I’ve installed random components like a hard drive and graphics cards but never built one from scratch. Should be fun.

  • Explore an old MMO

I’v e expressed an interest in those older MMO’s that seem more like a figment of the imagination rather than a virtual construction. They are a mythical beast, set apart from the filthy creations of this generation and I want to experience that for myself.

I was actually thinking about playing Dark Age of Camelot, the premier PvP MMO that everyone reminisces about. I know the experience won’t be the same as those nostalgic stories but there must be a little bit of magic left there.

  • Video Editing

This will probably come with the new PC as running capture software while gaming would not create optimal video at the moment. I really want to start this as well. I’ve been wanting to create my own videos for a while and have read up on the required tools and programs a little. There is nothing like doing though in order to learn though. I guess I could practice on the dodgy footage on get as a way of learning. Maybe make or commission an awesome graphic for the vids as well.

Just want to create some review type videos with talk of mechanics and feel it adds more weight to them when there is gameplay rather than a couple of pictures. I also kind of want to create a video series solely looking at the various healer classes in mmo’s, The mechanics, important skills and what I like about them. I don’t think I’ll get into let’s play’s at all, not really my thing although I was thinking about doing one specific series based on playing permadeath in certain game. I suck at permadeath mechanics; I’m a nervous wreck that squeals at every instance and acting like a scared idiot on youtube seems to be the popular thing so why not. I was thinking Terraria first since I’m kind of used to the game already

  • Become a brilliant and Acclaimed housing mogul in Landmark

I kid of course. I’m not very economically minded at all, nor do I spend the insane amounts some people do when building their fantastic structures. I do plan on spending a bit of time within the upcoming alpha, beta and all the other A’s. Lots of building days ahead and hopefully the tools they have presented so far live up to the expectations.


I’ve never really been interested in the indie game scene very much. I was, and kind of still am a slave to the mainstream, a lover of big game productions. I just can’t get enough of those sweet shiny pixels.

But this year has been an amazing one for the indies scene. A year filled with amazing titles that give us engaging gameplay, wonderful stories and mechanical marvels. They have been everything the AAA scene can’t or doesn’t want to and I can’t wait for more of that in the year to come.

It’s far more economical too and with my gaming budget probably going towards the new puter I might have to skimp a little on the big titles

  • Finish the Mass Effect series

I promise I will I swear =p There is just so much going on within the story, the characters and lore that it would be impossible to convey all that in a post if I played too much. Thinking I might have to though and just keep the word spam to a minimum

After that I’m thinking of going on to the Bioshock Series. It’s the next on my list of gaming regrets and I picked up the series during the steam sales. Looks like a great series although I often don’t really get into the full on shooter titles.

  • Dabble in Game Creation

Not seriously, just feel like mucking around with some of the software and seeing what goes into making games as I just want to understand the process a little more than I do now, I’ll only learn but a fraction of what’s there but at least it’s something. Have no idea what software though, or what to create.. or how to create it.

I also want to create a mod. I have no idea for what game or what the mod would but I just want to create something like that. Just have an urge to make things lately and I’d love to create some sort of complex scenarios or maybe just armour customisation for a pixel game

  • Die a lot in Dark Souls

The quintessential game for gamers it seems. I’ve actually been a little scared to jump into the title but not because of its hardcore nature, I’ve played and beaten many insanely challenging games over the many years and never quit. It’s more just that it’s an intimidating experience to try based on the culture that surrounds it.

It is a cult experience now with a fervent appeal. There is so much knowledge and discussion surrounding the title that it’s rather daunting to get involved in that. It is an experience so defined that it stands apart from all other titles. How do you judge something that?

  • MOBA time

While I doubt the community has gotten any better over the years since I last tried LoL as nothing can stop this growing cess pit of insanity, I still feel like I should give the genre another shot. It does have some wonderful gameplay and the genre only seems to be growing which would be a great way of gleaming into the success of this new industry changing game type

I was thinking about Trying DotA first, it’s more of the new title on the scene then lol but still has an incredible amount of polish. I usually enjoy arena type gameplay, and although I always get rather flustered while playing it I love the thrill.

  • Self Hosting

I know a lot of blogs out there haven’t worried about this aspect and have been running on whatever free publishing site for years but I kind of want to. It seems like a lot of work but you do get an insane amount of extra customisation in return and well… then it just feels far more like your own creation.

I can also then start my monetisation strategies, this is a free to read site after all. I was thinking

– Search Function Unblock for $2

– Remove adds in word links for $5

– Full posts on main page for $10

– Unlock a blogroll link for 50 cents each

– Side page unlocks for $5 each

– Speciality avatars when commenting for a nominal price each

Maybe a lockbox system where you can spend jewels in order to open them for a chance at a key to unlock speciality posts and guides

Of course you can get exclusive supporter packs coming up with extra options, speciality avatars that won’t be available later as well as extra jewel credits to spend in the store later on. A post outlining the packs should be up in a couple of days.

hmmm.. ok that joke went on a bit too long and I should stop giving these companies ideas for free.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and I look forward to the year to come


6 thoughts on “New Year Gaming Resolutions

  1. Happily, building a PC from scratch anymore tends to just be a matter of going down a checklist and bemoaning your fate of having to reinstall EVERYTHING and redo all the little tweaks that made your old machine not feel like a pile of dogshit. Hooray for standardization.

    On the moba front I recommend Smite. Everything about LoL makes me either angry or apathetic. DotA2 is far too full of mechanics that are A) utterly necessary to learn, B) very fiddly, and C) absolutely no fun at all to learn for my tastes. But Smite just feels good, especially coming from a background more steeped in MMOs than RTS games. It’s bloody well balanced at most levels of play for all the necessary bitching the community does and HiRez has been very active in mucking with the games internals, instead of leaving it to rot for 8 months before enacting changes.

    Simply put, Smite is the competitive, action oriented, objective based team game that GW2’s sPvP wishes it could be. Though admittedly there are some pressing issues. Still, it’s given me a good ~200-ish hours of largely enjoyable gameplay over the past 6 months.

    Though, come to think of it, my friend in Oz complained of latency issues quite a lot. YMMV.

    Happy New Year as well.

    • ;thanks for the recommendation. All the fiddly mechanics of dota are what kin of annoy me… I just want to go kill things and I have to worry about donkeys and secret vendors.. and some sort of forest god.

      Being from aus though it really helps to be on a closer server. Dota and lol both have some on aussie soil which makes the gameplay that much more enjoyable.

  2. I’ve used FRAPS and Handbrake for my videos. Cheap, quick and easy to use. Likely some other options out there too. The downside is that you need a lot of harddrive space for high resolutions.

    I’ve tried gaming PCs but a gaming laptop gives me all the features plus some mobility. You can buy a custom one online. Sager or Xotic are good options and you can get a beast for $2000. Mine dates from pre-SWTOR (I write guides for games and that game paid for the laptop) and still runs great. Tomb Raider was at max (just under super max and the crazy hair) which is great.

    Happy new year!

    • space isn’t toomuch of an issue, would just have to clean out the second hd of downloads

      I have a gaming laptop at the moment. Pretty good specs too 2gb nvidia graphics, i7 2.3 quad, 16gb ram… spent a bit of money on it but the graphics chips dying and it’s part of the motherboard so very hard to replace. Games still look pretty when play but the constant screen freezes for a second or so make it rather painful…not fps drops or anything like that just smooth gameplay then stop, smooth… stop. Thinking about fixing it but don’t know just yet.

      For what you buy they’re just so expensive, I love the mobility but just over the last few years it’s been a huge expense that I could have avoided if I’d gone with a desktop

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