MMO PvP Predictions for 2014

* looks like there are a lot of people coming here through google probably looking for something a little more serious… FLY YOU FOOOOLS!! As a serious suggestion probably go check out Age of wushu for a PvP mmo right now. Good open world PvP mechanics pitting a few different factions against each other for faction reputation and rewards. Combat is pretty cool, PvP community solid and for you guys there is a lot of booooooooooobs. If your not in NA though the timing of these events can be a pain which will mean missing out on a lot, that was a bit much for me and was a major turn-off. The other thing might be Dark Age of Camelot as it seems to have increased the rate of updates recently.*

The New year is here and there is a lot of potential waiting for us in the genre. There are a lot of competing titles each with their own inherent positives and flaws whether that be the aesthetic, the mechanics or certain features. It’s going to be a great year for mmo’s regardless although, my PvP side is a little more pessimistic.

So stay tuned while I dig out my crystal ball created from the corrupted souls of armchair developers and predict the future of MMO’s in 2014, and in particular their PvP elements.


I predict that ESO will steal most of GW2’s regular WvW players. The time is ripe for a new competitor and after playing the same flawed mode for over a year its time for something new. Players will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy it despite it’s flaws although they will longingly stare off into the horizon from time to time reminiscing about the beauty of DAoC. The rest of the ESO playerbase will bitch the entire time about why ESO even needs PvP and that they can’t explore Cyrodil without getting killed.

All while this happens Arenanet won’t report the loss nor will they care and much of the playerbase that is left will be thankful they can now redirect those few developers back towards the living story experiment

The game itself will receive moderate success and will stay subscription based for the remainder of the year. People will complain about how it’s not as good as Skyrim but play it nonetheless since its single player Skyrim with multi-player like they asked.


I predict Wildstar will actually steal a sizeable chunk of players from WoW that actually like the game and decide to stay…this is not a considerable amount but enough to perpetuate comparisons about every.. damn… mechanic to WoW every damn day.

Will become the new rank arena love for players and if leaderboards aren’t borked will have a decent competitive following including streamers and shoutcasters. Balance will be utter shit for the first few months and will slowly wind down the varying levels of FotM classes that every one can agree to disagree over. Carbine will actually sponsor a decent PvP competition in the 3rd quarter.

Warplots, while a novel approach will prove to be broken by bugs in the first few months and will prove insanely hard to balance. A decent balance will be made between large and small guilds with time constraints on building options. Will become a fun side mode to kill time in as well as humiliate your enemies but by the end of the year will fall out of interest.

Faction based fighting will instil a new rivalry that will come close to that felt during the Waaaaaagh days in War. Friends will hate each other, awesome trolling in forums and chat… the PvP works and it will be glorious., at least for 6 months.


I predict Darkfall will close down near the end of the year after the developers at Adventurine realise they suck at making mmo’s and start making a medieval day z clone (that actually sounds pretty cool). The playerbase and sub numbers will continue to dwindle until all that’s left are gank stories around a single campfire. The supporters will claim to its dying breath that all you stupid carebears couldn’t hack a real mmo.

In the dying days before the final server turn off there will be a huge bloodbath the likes have never been seen and never will again.


I predict EvE will continue to be EvE with no successor and no challenger. CCP will realise they screwed up with Dust 514 but are too worried about their pride to abort this abomination, it’s their baby and they love it nonetheless. The amount of money this hideous love child sucks in will mean World of Darkness will be put on standby with a minimal crew… and yet, even in a pre-production state it’s still better than most titles on the market.

Star Citizen

Will reach 50 million during the last half of the year after they release more playable game types. Squadron fighting will be delayed until the middle of the year due to certain prevalent bugs and such. We won’t see the core game this year, or any of its beta type incarnations but what we do get will continue to drive the hype full speed ahead.

During the year Chris Roberts will realise the insanity of what’s planned, go on media rampage and the promptly be committed for a month where, in a moment of reflection he reaches enlightenment and brings the development back on track.

The Repopulation

I predict The Repopulation will see great success… for a sandbox mmo. It will garner a couple hundred thousand subscribers that will see it out through the new year and be reasonable happy with the game. People will complain about how they can’t progress on their own and that they can’t do anything without a group to which the reply will be “go back to wow loser”.

The nation mechanics and faction wars will work reasonable well and people will enjoy building their guild capitals and cities and laying siege to others. It will lose a little traction as owning territory isn’t as important as they would like bar having the personal connection. There is little important and rare resources to control for towns to really take control over that would drive conflict further.

The hardcore server will be reasonable popular until the more casual players who thought they can handle a hardcore experience leave for the easier server.

Everquest Next

I predict it will have some sort of ridiculously PvP flagging system on the PvP servers in an attempt to appeal to everyone but that no one will enjoy. The pvp players want something real and more integrated into the experience and the pve players will complain that the unlikely chance of their being killed is tantamount to treason and to stop wasting development time.

Camelot Unchained

I predict they will continue to push out updates and lore stories throughout the year with only minor hiccups. Development progress will be steady but have slight delays. The first trials of the game proper, and not some trial mode of mechanics will be tested by kickstarter supporters around September and it will be a tragically boring affair… an alpha PvP mmo with minimal population doesn’t work

No-one will care how good or bad the alpha tests are and will continue to wait for this messiah mmo to bestow deliverance on us all

Lastly I predict another Half dozen Moba’s will release, Riot’s official response “LoL, newbs”

Well, it seems there are a lot of options next year for mmo’s but none that will really, truly satisfy. I’ll have fun nonetheless and I hope you all do as well.

Happy new year everyone and may your aim remain true and lag remain an easy scapegoat