Aiming for Immersion in Online Worlds

Immersion means a great deal to me when it comes to mmo’s. I love that feeling of being entranced by these world’s and to feel like, by extension, that I am a part of it. They are a type of game that encourages people to delve deeper into and become a part, and to spend vast amounts of time being a part of. I honestly believe that everyone who enjoys mmo’s seek out to feel a sense of immersion but the way we feel about it and the areas that promote this feeling can be very different.

To me it isn’t really how my character looks, they could be a mere 8 bit monstrosity for all I care at times. It isn’t the costumes I wear and collect, the combat I enjoy or any sort of challenge that might be out there. It isn’t the complexity of crafting or even the depth of the characters. My immersion is dependant on the world itself.
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