Link Dead Radio: The Journey, Journalists and Designing worlds

The Links

  • We’ve heard a lot when it comes to the failures of the games industry regarding the lack of female developers and because of this it often gets forgotten about how few prominent female journalists there are in games media. Medium has a great article about it and while it does get a little to much into the details the main argument is there. We need more diversity in iour critiques of games and alternative opinion. It’s a very cyclical system of feedback.
  • Post by Chaotic Blue regarding sexist character design but this time it explores the use of stereotypes to not only create looks but how they relate to gameplay. It explores the use of characters within the Street fighter franchise in particular
  • Teso Elite has a good counter argument to the forbes article, in particular certain misconceptions made.
  • MMO Gypsy also deliberates on ESO and how 3 key points the detractors seem to be saying
  • The Chindividual has a nice follow up article to my own regarding immersion and how the three key points of World, Story, and characters create an immersive experience
  • Keen and Graev propose a simple idea for mmo’s of fixing the journey to fix the end and I really have to agree. While our ideas of what would make a good journey seem to differ the structure of mmo’s being some sort of path straight to max level grinds needs to change.
  • Murf Vs Net declares that Soloability in unsustainable for mmo’s. That it is fundamentally at conflict with a range of features and mechanics and while broadening the genre it has to a certain extent ruined them
  • Inventory full has an interesting article regarding the boons and buffs characters have in our play and how certain changes in in mmo’s such as duration create large changes in group play.
  • An article over Polygon goes into an extreme amount of detail about the depth of Spelunky and the challenge certain players seek within it’s bowls. It analyses one case in particular of a now infamous streamer who completed one of the hardest and more time consuming events.

Lastly a quick controversy within the community of GW2 after some promotional material outlining a subscription option was data mined within the dat files and everything just imploded on itself. Anet came out with the response it’s for the Asian release, which many fervent supports had been saying was the reason for it. I can’t help but think if it was some sort of marketing project for another region then why was it in the clients files?

The Vids

Some Co-op gameplay from Kingdom under fire 2

An extremely romantic Pixel proposal

A large chunk of Dreamfall gameplay

A very detailed Croft Fan Film

Interview with the developers regarding designing gone home

Amazing minecraft world

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