Pretty Pics: So Long GW2

So I finally uninstalled GW2 from the computer after all this time, I’ve been absent for months so this had to come eventually but it’s still kind of a big deal to me. I was playing for a long time and it was the first big title I discussed here on the blog, with many more posts than any other game… or mmo combined. Over 100 posts.. woah.

Just being there on the desktop there adds the pressure that I should be playing it and joining in with the guild. I’ve been absent for so long and it’s the only game we all tend to play regular but I just can’t put myself through that. Logging in adds a bit of needless frustration as I love the game but can’t help dredge up all the issue surrounding it and about what it could have been.

It was time to free myself from that so it’s gone now and I can’t see myself downloading it again, not with all these new titles coming up and the wealth of steam games. Even though I’ve criticised it a lot over the year… A LOT, more so than anyone else I know yet it was still an amazing experience and I wish the game and everyone playing well for the future.

Anyway, after doing that I was putting all my pics into the external hard drive and thought to look through them all and pick out some of my favourites.