Pretty Pics: So Long GW2

So I finally uninstalled GW2 from the computer after all this time, I’ve been absent for months so this had to come eventually but it’s still kind of a big deal to me. I was playing for a long time and it was the first big title I discussed here on the blog, with many more posts than any other game… or mmo combined. Over 100 posts.. woah.

Just being there on the desktop there adds the pressure that I should be playing it and joining in with the guild. I’ve been absent for so long and it’s the only game we all tend to play regular but I just can’t put myself through that. Logging inย adds a bit of needless frustration as I love the game but can’t help dredge up all the issue surrounding it and about what it could have been.

It was time to free myself from that so it’s gone now and I can’t see myself downloading it again, not with all these new titles coming up and the wealth of steam games. Even though I’ve criticised it a lot over the year… A LOT, more so than anyone else I know yet it was still an amazing experience and I wish the game and everyone playing well for the future.

Anyway, after doing that I was putting all my pics into the external hard drive and thought to look through them all and pick out some of my favourites.

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  1. Dang. Even though I myself no longer log in to GW2, anytime a game loses a player once so devoted it’s pretty sad. Still, lots of adventure elsewhere to be had and I for one will keep reading of yours regardless where they may be. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just found a song that sort of matches the theme of your post. Not sure if it’s to your tastes but hope you like it none the less…

    • awwwwwwwwwwwww.. that song. Yep, that’s me crying now
      something just isn’t the same…

      It’s funny but i was kind of devoted. I may criticise a lot but that’s just me showing support for a title I enjoy

  2. Interesting post, all the more interesting because I’m essentially at the same place in my relationship with GW2 at the moment. Its there on my desktop, but I only ever click it by accident. I want to play it, I love the world, but when I do go on I sit there for 5 minutes and then log off. There’s nothing to do, nothing to aim for and nothing that interests me in it anymore; and that makes me kinda sad because I had such a great time with it in the past.

    What made you make the final choice to uninstall it? I think I might well be uninstalling it soon, but for me the main reason is that I found Dragon Nest EU, which whilst quite different in many ways from GW2, fills that GW2 shaped hole so well.

    • I liked your pictures as well by the way, I enjoy looking at pictures of GW2 more than I enjoy playing it right now; which is probably the best sign that I’m past it now.

    • i love the world too, it just hasn’t been as developed post launch as I thought it was going to be and the events don’t have the consequence that I thought.

      That’s exactly what I was doing when logging on if the guild wasn’t doing anything. The only reason I stayed for as long was the WvW and group play. That there has been no meaningful change to wvw was the big reason for the lack of play. Mechanics haven’t changed, to little fixes and no personal/guild incentives.

      The other reason was the transmutation system. I don’t mind grinding for cosmetics but when my hard work is so often being discounted or deleted made it frustrating.

      • I’m sorry you’ve quit as well. I actually struggled with that decision for quite a while and made a loooooooooot of angry/sad posts as I was still very passionate. It’s not something I really wanted to do but there was nothing left to entice me. From the months since then I’ve just lost the rest of that. I’m not angry or sad anymore… I just feel nothing for it and that’s when you really know your over a game.

        Here’s hoping you have a speedy and smooth MMO break up

  3. I understand the sentiment – it’s just a grind based game at this point. WvW is the only real drAw besides the usual MMO accouterments. But there is no other MMO with this art style that is so appealing, even if the gAmeplay is pretty standard MMO stuff. So are you getting your MMO fix somewhere else? A single player game perhaps?

    • it was very grind based but the grind didn’t have the purpose that it usually does. I also don’t mind cosmetic grinds but that damn transmutation system took out all the fun of it.
      The art style, i think was what really sold the game for them in the beginning. Those large fly over scenes were amazing. It’s a very unique style too that has some sort of innate beauty to it.

      MOstly I’ve just been playing a lot of smaller indie games and just getting through the steam library. lots of hotline miami and rogue legacy

      Still have Rift, Tera (for dungeon delving), secret world and Firefall on the puter. Each get a little play now and then. At the moment for mmo’s it’s mostly Star Trek online with friends.. i actually like the space combat aspect

  4. A shame, but gotta do what you gotta do. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m finally able to play and enjoy it after all this time so I’ll play for you. I take it easy so as not to get bored of any of the grinds.

    • yeh, playing now and then is maybe the best way to play. I’m just after a full time mmo though and burnt out with that playstyle

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  6. Hi Jewel, I think the burnout is a result, in my personal experience, of the game not being focused on the ‘world’ – as has been discussed in various blogs. A sense of exploration and danger add to the immersion of the world, together with unique player mechanics that synergize to create an emergent holistic group experience where all have an important role, and the shared emotion of the experience draws and binds people together into collectivizations. MMO’s which are really single player hack and slash games without the depth of RPG elements can quickly fatigue due to repetitive, cursory, gameplay which is performed in a solitary environment with little interaction with other players. It is grouping and the emotional experiences and wonder we share that often provides the emotional and social fulfillment that we unconsciously seek. The difficulty is that these interactions are plentiful when many players start the game, and a shared entrance into the game world commences, yet tapers as the game world ages. How can games be designed to overcome this obstacle, so that new players always have this shared experience rather than a solitary journey through content that has been progressed through by others? I expectantly wait for an MMO where the ‘world’ matters, and players are encouraged to journey together so that they can overcome challenging content that evokes emotional reactions in their shared experience. In this way legendary stories are often borne and talked about for years to come, providing the deepest satisfaction and commitment for players.

    • That is absolutely a huge part. One of the big selling points for me was this massive living breating world with events effecting it in a myriad of ways but want we got was more static than that. There isn’t the consequence I imagine and the events just feel too contained within their little bubble area. It was wonderful and a lot better than anything I’d played before but they just didn’t go far enough and the updates never did either. they’re just too focused on some sort of single player narrative.

      Pretty spot on with where we need to be going but instead we keep getting this focus on single minded combat. You just need that intereaction between other, some sort of interdependance that gets you play with others and not just beside them.

      The level issues are the big problem for the industry and not one that’s hard to fix. Personally, I;ve already written that we should be done with levels entirely and create a more open experience where all content is meaningful rather than just being a path to endgame. Apart from that there just needs to be less of a distinction between the levels themselves, not such a huge power change in anything or at least remove more of the barriers. they have downleveling and I’m waiting now for a proper upleveling system. Of course for this all to happen the design of zones needs to change in how you progress through them and with the crafting system.

      The other restriction I would love to be rid of is all of this BS gear nonsense. Bind on equip or pick up needs to be removed or relegated to small content areas. Imagine then if your friend wanted to play you could just throw them some decent gear and start playing together. Of course there would still be a lot of progression paths to gain but at least then they can contribute.

  7. Ain’t no screenshots like those of Tyria. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel you….although GW2 is still on my hard drive, I haven’t played since Bazaar of the Four Winds. Such a beautiful game I had such high hopes for. I had some great times too, to be fair. the best thing coming my way since WoW – that much remains true.

    • It is an insanely beautiful world.

      I had high hopes too. I kind of think it’s a problem of their own making now. People had such huge expectations for it and the realisation has been crashing down. It lasted got this long so that definitely means something.

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