Link Dead Radio: Gender, Global Auctions and the Place of PvP

The Links

  • A well reasoned and researched article about women’s armour in the medieval ages… and no, surprisingly that’s not an oxymoron
  • An article about Gender in Digital spaces; some factors, forces and culture as well as the manipulation of certain stereotypes.
  • Psychology of games always seems to have a lot of interesting posts and discussions and with the growing popularity of streaming it seems rather apt. It discusses the audience effect on how we play games, especially with an active audience while streaming.
  • Ect MMO rants about game companies recent penchant for hiding information within the bowels of the social media beast rather than their actual game’s website. This has to be one of the main causes to that little throbbing vein above my right eye lately.
  • Life as a Digital Salad creates some great discussion around the effects of the trading post and some experiences with the alternative of creating social connections.
  • Aggronaut wonders why do we need PvP gear or, at least the distinctions between them and I have thought this exact thing before. It tends to enforce the focus on one particular style of play rather than enjoying the breadth of the games content. Seems silly to create all these different bits of content yet restrict how and when people can play.
  • I am really enjoying Null Signifier’s Diary of a ganker as it’s an interesting read behind the motivations of that kind of play; what’s fun about it and just how different it is as a playstyle. It makes me miss open world PvP. It’s such a good account of his experiences and thoughts that if I was eventually to play wow this would be the main reason.
  • From mmorpg… yes… seriously, is a post about the ten things missed from older MMO’s and there are some wonderful features here that I would love to see reborn.
  • It seems that the Starbound universe is the same for everyone and someone has thought to become an online cartographer, creating a resource where planet types and what’s on them are going to be recorded. It’s a crowd sourced resource so add your own planets.

The Vid

not much this week just this purrrrrrty game

4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Gender, Global Auctions and the Place of PvP

  1. That post by Null Signifier was a refreshing look at ganking. I had been doing a Q&A with — a bloke who does record each name of the toons he ganks and has an entire gallery of screenshots full of abuse and rage. It’s a shame we never finished the piece, it would have been cool to compare the pieces and see the similarities and differences.

    Great roundup!

    • Oh wow, that site is hilarious. Even if you’re not much of a ganker you’ve got to admire his workmanship. That’s some quality trolling

      • He was telling me that many of those responses happen within 10 minutes of their first death. I went from thinking he was a jerk to thinking he was a hero 😛

      • I can Imagine. People just don’t handle events they’re not prepared for, even on a pvp server.
        I imagine 10 years in this kind of thing is far less frequent than it used to be.

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