Progress Report: The needs of the Shiny

What a tiring and slow week this has been. Going back to full time work with a room full of toddlers is rather hard work. Getting home I really didn’t feel like playing that much; cooked dinner, ate.. watched more Cardcaptor Sakura because reasons and that’s been pretty much it. Feeling a lot better now after a weekend of couch sitting, sleeping and more laziness.

More dungeon delving in Rogue Legacy and I think I’m getting a little better at it. I can finish up the entirety of the of the blue and green areas most times now although I haven’t beaten the boss in the Blue Area.. it’s rather tough with the damage and all the little fireballs it leaves behind.

I did end up finishing Hotline Miami. There was only a couple of missions left within the main story arc and then it starts getting all weird with retelling the story from another point of view. It keeps with the same confusing storyline with little information as to the motives or goals of the controlling group.

The combat and action keep getting more insane though which is fantastic; a lot more enemies as well as more challenging environment design and ai pathing. You really have to plan out your moves to a certain extent, be adaptable to new things and be very accurate.

I played in a space beta that’s kind of lost its appeal to me. The hype had got to me to start off with, it was just everywhere and I am kind of desperate at the moment for a new shiny mmo to play with but it’s just no doing it for me. It’s got a lot of good qualities but it’s just not what I want.

I did play a lot of the pvp which is really fun. It has a really good pace to the combat, that damage to health ratio and the use of skills is really fast but well-balanced. I think there are some issues with particular skills and classes but that should get a lot better nearing release. The Healing is a lot of fun too; the aiming isn’t too hard as the skills have wide aoe cones and areas and you have to be aware of your positioning and that of your team which keeps you engaged. Overall they are really enjoyable arena’s so if you’re after a new arena love then this could be it.

Apart from that most of my gaming time has gone to Star Trek Online. After this weekend I’m now Captain Eriena of the USS Amethyst with this purrrrty space ship. I kind of liked the smaller more angular ship from before, the USS Saphire but this one has way more firepower and with the missions getting more difficult you really need it.

GameClient 2014-01-19 21-40-05-383

During the week I even ended up failing one mission in particular, which, I didn’t even know was possible. For most missions you just die, come back and wipe out whatever the objective but this time is was a defence mission and after being overwhelmed I died and came back to the mission objective still under attack and then.. Boooom. No more satellite and the mission failed without the option to restart immediately.

There was an option to restart the mission but then there was a timer for when I am able to begin the mission again so I would have to wait to complete it. I had no idea there was such defined terms of failure in particular actual consequences on the player. This isn’t like taking away exp or gear but it’s definitely something that harms the player as you are hindered from gaining more exp and progressing with that quest line. It means you have to seek out alternative paths for progression like the larger PvE instances or even PvP.. and that’s what I did.

I love the large PvE instances. You can have a lot of allies in some of these events and it feels exhilarating to have all these players in their space ships beside you. Of course there is also a ton of enemies, enough that you really do have to cooperate in order to overcome them. I’ve seen many players go off on their own to take out a group and then just get annihilated.

It’s the same style of Space combat, which I really enjoy but there is an added level of coordination that makes it more interesting and exciting. You follow the lead of some players coordinate your attacks on certain mobs or shields of particular enemies and manoeuvre accordingly depending on where your being attacked from and how many are hitting you. The smaller ones are very similar to the scaled up missions I was doing with friends but it feels like there is an added level of difficulty to them, which is nice.


Moving in for the Kill

I enjoy the support aspects of the Science vessel too, it’s a good mix of different types of Damage, healing and  control abilities. I still do some decent damage with my plethora of pew pew laser beams, a few torpedoes and explosive mines but there is an added element that keeps me more engaged. I’m continuously watching my allies and the state of their shields in order to help and then also using the tractor beam to keep certain focus targets in place… it’s a lot of fun.

My only complaint right now is that the hull healing skill is pretty much useless. Once a ships shields have been depleted it’s pretty much a lost cause with a few shots usually destroying them. Even using that heal to help in that circumstance will only prolong the inevitable for a few extra seconds.

The PvP instance, if that’s what it is is rather weird. After doing some reading I believe that’s what it is but I’ve never seen an enemy faction ship within the instance. It’s a mixed PvE PvP instance where you have group missions that I think you compete over but there isn’t much information I can really find about it. Maybe because I was in a lower bracket that I’m put in a separate section that is more PvE based.

Resistance is... unheard of

Resistance is… unheard of

It has you completing certain objectives to combat the borg but that’s really as much as I know. There is an organised separate channel for the PvP but from what I’ve read it’s a rather small population and one that isn’t that happy with it. That seems like a shame since with the PvE large-scale battles being so much fun I imagine the PvP ones would have been incredible but apparently it’s just a balance nightmare as well as grind based on overwhelming amounts of time or money at level cap.

Definitely more play time and research that needs to be done, especially since I’m now in the higher bracket

For the rest of the week I really don’t know just yet. I really have to finish a certain assignment that although not due to near the end of next month, finishing means I can move on to another and finish this dang Diploma earlier. To not have that study responsibility would be really good and free me up for more fun.

If the patch for Starbound ends up dropping this week I can see myself playing more of it and I better see you on the server as well.. or else. Just message for the details. It just seems like it would be the sort of thing that would be more fun to come across other players actions within the world and their creations. I have one thing I’m thinking about creating, but that’s a secret. Other than that I might level back up to the gear maximum as well as check out some of the new additions.

And for other games I’m still debating whether to start Mass Effect 3 or Dark Souls as my next big ongoing game to write about. Not sure which so would appreciate your input.

Take care yall and may your Space Ships be forever Shiny and seek out the Stars


8 thoughts on “Progress Report: The needs of the Shiny

  1. You’ve inspired me to give Star Trek Online a go. I remember looking at it ages ago, but I don’t think it was free to play at the time (or I never noticed!). Its always been something which really interested me, so thank you for reminding me!

    • Yay. I’m Eriena (j3w3lss is the account name) in game so if you ever see me online I’d be happy to join in with you. Can jump back on my wee little star ship as well

  2. Mind expanding on why space beta isn’t connecting? Too much of the same?

    STO is fun. I played at launch, wrote guides for it but drifted when there was no content window. Nowdays it’s full of things to do and the monetization isn’t insane. Pervasive yes.

    • It does seem to be more content rich than what I’d heard from before. Haven’t they only really started to develop for it again recently?

      The space beta… Hmm.. I can quit figure out why it doesn’t appeal to me as much. It’s a very traditional mmo; collect quest, kill stuff, turn in…. Profit. It has a lot of modern features to that questing which have made it more interesting and streamlined and the design and pacing of them is decent. The challenge parts are great, and the paths break up the usual but even they seem more like repackaged quests rather than something different. It is very linear and static (mobs) and at this stage I just want something different than that.

      The combat is good, I don’t understand why a lot of people are finding it so challenging.. I might just be more used to moving and using skills because of pvp. There is a decent amount of customisation but it plays like your average action mmo. Move out of the red stuff and attack spam

      I think a big part is that the aesthetic just doesn’t appeal to me. The characters are weird but more than that, the world is just too… Saturday cartoon special and lacks the Immersive elements that appeal to me.

      I’ve heard tell that the game opens up a lot at end game by that might be true. It’s a serviceable mmo with a few excellent elements that people will love but just nothing overly special.

      • STO spent a lot of time fixing the core gameplay – at least 18 months. The UI is 100x better than before, stats mean something, controls make sense. They had lost their lead dev a few months after launch (Craig Zinkievich) where he actually quit the company. STO went FTP, looked like a death spiral and then Cryptic hired him back in 2011. He changed the way the game worked from that point forward and it’s been a relative success since. There’s a plan, there’s content, it’s cohesive. It’s really one of the more interesting developer stories in the past 5 years – Bill Roper and Jack Emmert are certainly polarizing figures. I would hazard to say that F2P in the west is so prevalent because of the efforts Cryptic put into it.

        As for the space beta, I understand completely. I like the art style, with the clear Asian influence (Borderlands, Studio Ghibli or sorts). I really have trouble with the art style of a more realistic game as it usually goes way too deep into the Uncanny Valley for me. I do think it’s aiming for a much lower player count bar than the other beta. At least if the investment numbers we hear rumors about are true. You’d think people would have learned from SWTOR…

      • Oh, that’s interesting. Good on them for fixing it up and continuing on after release and its decline. You can definitely see they have a decent plan for its development and that makes a huge difference.

        For the space beta… I actually love borderlands and frequently indulge in all manor of anime shows. To me its aesthetic just doesn’t have that appeal. It just doesn’t have a very cohesive, interesting look of it’s own when in game. It just seems to what to create the most vibrant and interesting environment that it can without establishing some sort of goal or image first. It seems more an amalgamation of a lot of different but conflicting influences.

        There promotional materials have a great unique aesthetic, as does a lot of the artwork but it doesn’t see to have translated as well to a bigger space. It does a lot of things really well, There is an amazing amount of detail to the environments that they look like they would function as they should but that aesthetic… it just isn’t me. I’m probably still going to pick it up though as I want to see how the whole thing ends up… plus open pvp will be fun in the beginning. I’m just more realistic as to my long term play with it.

        And yeh, I think it’s going to hit less than what they were expected after the first few months

    • It’s a childhood live of mine. Watched all the subbed versions which is a little different. Just felt the need to watch again lately and I’m now up to episode 41, just captured light and dark in that school play scene

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