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We’re are racing towards release now and it seems like Zenimax have finally realised that they should start creating a little bit of hype, positive hype around the game It has started now with 3 big announcements so, just maybe in the months to come we should learn more about the various mechanics and features of ESO.

Group Vid

A WILD VID APPEARS! Surprisingly it actually paints the developers as real people and gamers rather than some sort of awkward talking head.. a very good thing and it shows they are slowly learning how to engage the fans.

In a shock move from their marketing team it’s not a ridiculous video full of cutscenes, vague promotion tag lines or feature overview. It’s in game combat footage focused on open world events that a lot of us have been desperate for. The claim and appeal of ESO in popular thought has been the AvA end game and while I love that part I couldn’t help think ESO would fail to garner more support without more information about questing and combat within the world.

After War, and refined version of events in Rift it seems like dynamic events have become a staple of mmo’s. I actually really enjoy how the change the world and create experiences that aren’t as defined as quests, the provide alternative activities and break up the monotony of questing and it’s good to see ESO now has them as well.

It looks good. World looks much better than earlier videos and leaks. The new Ui and map are shown and they give some short examples of the customisation of classes which, I think, is one of its main strengths. I thought animations looked rather solid until I read comments about them all having a hunch, that some sort of degenerative bone disease has ravished Tamriel and now it can’t be unseen.

I look forward to more about the other features…please be more.

M Rating

It says a lot that ESO even put their game in for review with the ESRB, we’re getting very close now and they seem to have faith that it is close to a finished product. We’re getting very close now, very close and as such I think we might be getting closer to having more beta event, longer running ones and maybe a big test of AvA. Or I could just be a hopelessly deluded fan.

Anyway,  the game has received an M rating although I don’t see it being a bad thing. Going by the amount of 12 year olds you here online in your average military murder simulator a large proportion of parents are buying these sorts of title for their children. I also don’t see such a rating hurting any other genre, some of the biggest games of last year and those before it are games designed for a mature audience.

I also tend to agree with the Shoddycast here in that it free’s them to create more interesting events and experiences that explore the more insidious elements of the Elder Scrolls Lore. I couldn’t imagine ever getting a decent Dark Brotherhood Path if this was a teen rated game… you are sacrificing people after all.

Voice Team

I knew I recognised certain characters!The official voice cast is on the main site and it is quite the list of well know actors and actress from popular media and within the gaming industry. ooo, and there’s a video too.

I will say that from what I’ve heard they did an excellent job on the voice work. Most of them have some great tone and infliction that really brings life to the characters.. it’s one of the best I’ve seen in this genre. There are some issues with the cutscenes at the moment, some are the computer stand ins, others have issues with volume but these issues will probably be fixed coming up.

I have concerns though with the prevalence of voiced content within ESO just like I did with ToR, especially with how well know the cast is. It creates an issue when creating new content as it’s more expensive, takes more time and you are left relying on them and fitting around their schedule. I like the main characters being voiced as it creates more depth to them but when your voicing an entire world resources need tend to grow exponentially.


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