Announcing a new Blogger Holiday: Voluntine’s Week!

The delightful but incorrigible MR Murf is at it again with a new blogging event for anyone and everyone to get involved with, whether or not you have a blog. This time the call to arms is about showing people you care, you read them and as such producing your own work inspired by theirs to be an amazing guest post.


You have 3 weeks to complete your homework soooooo NO EXCUSES!


  • What: A set-aside week where bloggers and fans volunteer articles to be published as Guest Posts on their favorite blogs
  • When: February 17th, 2014 to February 21st, 2014
  • Where: #Voluntines on Twitter

In December, we celebrated the holiday spirit with lists. It was a great success! Listmas provided an opportunity for lots of fellow bloggers to reinforce the social and community elements of their blogs. Many participated and even more joined in to share or comment on their favorite posts. More than just an increase in views, it resulted in a stronger blogging community.

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