Link Dead Radio: Link Loving

The Links

  • Amazing rant by the developer of the up coming RPG Kingdoms Come: Deliverance where hip just tears into the current state of the industry and the (mis)management of developers and resources… the actual Kickstarter they’re running looks pretty good too.
  • Kingdom under fire 2 has entered an open beta type phase a the moment and Steparu has the usual excellent review
  • Another MMO bites the dust this week.. well.. a lot of mmo’s with Vanguard being one of them. Inventory full weighs in on the end with a tale of regret for an experience that ended that really resonates with the heartbreak and sorrow that inevitably comes from a mmo’s demise. The follow up is a post exploring the ephemeral nature of our online worlds in comparison to other mediums.
  • Aggronaut has a rather poignant post about the foundations and failures of community. Of lost friends and companions, disappointment and a little longing for something more… something more tangible. There are a lot of great comments and follow up articles you can get to through there as well so take some time, sit back, and feel a little depressed and uplifted at the same time.
  • Why I game has been musing about the inconsistencies and issues with “raiding” in GW2 as well as some personal thoughts on what appeals to him. There are a couple great post you should read there. The MMO Gypsy also weighed in on the debate about why she personally enjoys raiding.
  • Sky Candy has a good rundown of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen kickstarter; why it will be a failure and why it’s developer, the infamous Brad McQuaid is an antiquated fool.
  • The Guardian has an interesting article about how wow helped someone come out as transgender. Even if you don’t have an interest gender/ queer issues it has some great points about how online games are an excellent medium for testing and learning about your identity.
  • Been playing Dayz a little lately (well not much yet but I plan too!) and this map has come in handy
  • Well, it seems Hugh Hancock, of the MMO Melting Pot has been very busy lately creating what looks to be an amazing World of Warcraft inspired Machinama called Death Knight Love Story. MMO Gypsy has an interview with him about the music of the video and around the decision made during production
  • Life as a digital Salad is mourning the departure from GW2 at the moment, a feeling I know all to well and seems to be in a period of bargaining with a series of posts on what should be changed/improved/fixed.

The Vids

EQN Landmark released a lot of information about how land claims will work… TLDR: plant a flag, pay rent, ????, build awesome stuff.

OMG OMG OMG OMG Project Zomboid has functional online multiplayer!! I didn’t expect this for a long while yet as the current focus has been on the Ai programming but it’s here, and there’s a blog post outlining the details plus more vids.

Probably going to have to get a server for this eventually although, I still have that Starbound one. DECISIONS!! well, I guess it still might be a while off and the game is still rather betaish. STAY TUNED!

Kickstarter vid for the ambitious RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverence

Gameplay and combat overview for Divinity: original sin

A documentary abdout a chinese rehabilitation clinic for internet/gaming addiction

Didn’t see this before but here’s a Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

The Pics

My team of Holographic Klingons

My team of Holographic Klingons

The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

Sciency Stuff on the New Shiny Ship

Sciency Stuff on the New Shiny Ship

Travelling the Lonesome Road in DayZ

Travelling the Lonesome Road in DayZ


4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Link Loving

  1. Wait, you are playing DayZ? 😀 I have only just started hehe, as the bf insisted on gifting it to me. I have spent a lot of time walking around so far and dying lol. but the game does have much going for it, I admit (am just not a great shooteress)!

    I do really enjoy these regular round-ups you’re doing btw – and thanks for including me 🙂

    • not much so far as have had other addictive distractions.. . will definitely be playing more over the week though, hopefully

      There are some great stories coming out of it from everywhere and even in Beta it hits the right feelings for a zombie survival. My main play had me trying to meet up with friends in a town further away. Managed to find a couple supplies on the way plus a shovel. Silly me thought with this new found power i could kill a zombie up ahead. I got it but then I slowly bled to death while just entering the abandoned town for the meet up.

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