Progress Report: A Case of Casualitis

Looking at my gameplay over the week I’ve come to realise that I must have one of the weirdest gamer habits and interest out there. Anyone logging the games played would seriously think there’s was 2 maybe 3 people using the computer just by how different everything is from each other

Firstly due to the carolling of Doone of T.R Red Skies fame and now XP Chronicles (would all these people just stick to one god damn blog) and Mr Murf (another serial Blog Butcherer), I have sunk myself into the casual depths of gaming and am unlikely to come out unscathed. I’ve never looked down on people who play such games (maybe a little sometimes =p), I even have a penchant for picture find games which I like to indulge in now and then but this… I’m encroaching on the interests of the ipad masses and… I kinda like it.

Cook Serve Delicious took up a bit of time over the weekend for no better reason then it seems to hypnotize you once you start playing. You get into that rhythmic trance wherein the gameplay has you clicking and moving to a certain pace. Faster and faster at times and then periods of low effort.

You also just need to do that next game to better than the day before, to try for bigger combos and also to constantly upgrade your restaurant. There are so many constant goals to be working towards in the short and long-term that you’re always fixed on the prize ahead. That magnificent shiny.

cook serve delicious

It is a very familiar game with influences from a lot of the management genre like Diner Dash and such, even those city based games and technically they would only be above the regular facebook game rabble… you know.. being as you’re not sacrificing your friends sanity for the sake of some limited resource.

I like it though and that makes me feel dirty.

Also, If you’re an avid chef or interested in rolling in casual filth Doone has enlisted a challenge to one and all… A cook serve delicious Multiplayer cook off the likes that have never been seen. I think we might try to compete for the steam scoreboard during a specific time (my amazing suggestion) but you’ll have to take that up with the Iron chef.

I’ve also been playing Hearthstone and enjoying it enough to drop a $20 on it. It is simplistic, has little mechanics overall and you repeat much of the same strategies. It seems the game is really dependant on certain cards to win higher up and you’ll see a lot of stacked decks from people with no soul… that would seriously have cost $100’s of dollars at this stage just so they can win easier.

But, it is very easy to understand, very streamlined play with the removal of resource building and extremely polished. Everything is designed with a lot of effects and animations that draw you into the game. Cards are well voiced, explosions are wonderful and there are a lot of little details like being able to click the side components of the map to make them do things…it’s cute.

All this adds up to a wonderful new experience for people new to online card games and ccg’s in general. There is little to lose, it takes it’s time and has a lot of safe spaces to learn and grow at your own pace with dailies and… it’s fun. Being Blizzard and such a popular product there are a lot of people online to play against which means that you will always have lots of people at your distinct level to play against.


The only complaint I have so far is that I can’t chat with friends in-game when playing, in particular to troll a certain someone when I’m beating him.

The deck I, maybe, fallen in love with is the shaman deck. It’s your basic zerg deck but with a focus on capitalizing on those numbers with certain cards I can’t remember now, one makes the summoned minion stronger and the other gives them all a lot of attack. Unfortunately I get absolutely massacred by anyone with big aoe spells or silences which is a lot of people.

To counterbalance this I played Hex a little during the week. I backed on the website for a small tier a little while ago and some sort of Alpa is now opened and I have access as well. It seems like it is going to be an interesting CCG.. going to be but right now it’s very much in a beta phase. A lot of the beginner decks aren’t completed yet, there is only a really small range of cards to choose from when making a deck and it is still very unbalanced.

It does have a lot of the complexity I think is missing from Hearthstone. That doesn’t mean hearthstone is bad either, just different and this one seems to be for those more patient and a greater eye for long-term strategy. The chess and checkers analogy might be apt here… hmm… maybe chess vs backgammon.

There are a few extra mechanics that change how and what cards can do. You have interrupt phases during your own and enemy turns where you can cast spells and interrupt/defend against attacks, you build your own resources as well as a few other bitsies I probably didn’t notice.

The whole experience is more of your traditional Card Game model even down to the ui and playing board but it is modernised enough that I think it will do reasonably well. Hard to tell at this stage though.

I played an absolutely metric tonne of Star Trek Online over the week although most of that time was crammed into Saturday where I don’t think I moved for going on 6 hours…. I know, I have a problem. There is just something about that space combat I enjoy although admittingly… a lot of that was on a planet’s surface doing missions and I swear I was just bull-headedly trying to get the fuck off that place but it never ended. Mission after stupid mission with the away team in tow.

[ picture would go here if bandicam hadn’t decided to close itself prior to playing]

But I persevered and am now Captain Eriena of the U.S.S Sapphire. I haven’t had a chance to try the newer group instances just yet as there never seems to be enough people on in my prime time to do them. That definitely says something but maybe most people are up at the cap grinding out dilithium to bother with us pleebs. I think most instances have certain Level restrictions and ranks so maybe I’m squirreled away in a weird lonely middle ground of progression.

I’m still having fun, and last I left the ship I was exploring some quadrant just randomly doing the missions I found at whatever planet or anomaly. Pity almost every mission has at least a small away team part. If there was some sort of “figure it out yourself I’m going to the captains quarters” checkbox I would be soooooooooo happy. The first mate should be able to do that junk, and anyway… whoever the hell heard about a captain doing so many away missions, that shit is dangerous and best left to the red shirts

Lastly I also jumped into Dayz for a short burst before I caught casualitis and succumbed to the cosy bowls of clicking stuff. Seems like an interesting game with an amazing atmosphere that I want to experience more of. They definitely got that vibe of surviving in a dangerous apocalypse down with the wonderful enchanting visuals but that awful eery silence with the sharp bursts of random sounds.

My first day involved me figuring out the controls, drinking a lot of murky puddle water and finding a shovel. Then trying to meet up with friends and getting mauled by a zombie. I vanquished the foul creature but left a trail of blood up the highway until passing out. It was fun while it lasted.


What an absolutely packed week that was. I honestly feel exhausted and my gamer soul is quite satiated.

In the week to come I’m not exactly sure just yet. My accident prone hubby is going in for his second operation on Friday to repair the damage done a year and a half ago to his shoulder tendons and bicep. It just hasn’t healed properly after the year recovery (yeh, tendons take a while) and they need to mess around with muscles and tendons and stuff again. SOOOoooo….. this means I should have the most retarded man-child to wait after for the next few weeks. You think the man flu is bad.

Well have fun everyone and may your sick husbands and wives not annoy the everliving crap out of you


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  1. Bwahahaha, I knew Cook, Serve, Delicious would get all of you eventually! Come to the Dark Side of Cheesy Casual Games! Bookworm Adventures is waiting…

    The last time I played it was way back in Oct ’12 though, and muscle memory is long gone, so I will be wussing out of any cook offs…

  2. I told you how to chat in-game in Hearthstone against a friend. I thought you just preferred Steam. I didn’t realize you were woefully ignorant of my tip!

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