Link Dead Radio: The here’s your links and back to Landmark edition

The Links

  • What is a PvP’er at Troll Racials are Overpowered… a post I’m definitely going to have to elaborate on.


This Space for Rent


Landmark Previews

The Vids

Review of the mobile version of Dungeon keeper. This is why I hate ftp, those ridiculous prices shouldn’t even exist let alone be supported. (thanks to Leo’s life for this one who also has some great articles on the matter)

In development Space base building game Maia

Dark souls 2

Star Citizen having be runny a starship design competition lately and with the final group picked they are turning it into a reality show for a youtube series because.. i don’t know. Do you think one of my predictions about Chris Roberts going insane is coming true?


2 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: The here’s your links and back to Landmark edition

  1. There is some sense in Star Citizens continued video output. Since they’re entirely crowd funded, they need to actively be producing stuff to get more money, either from existing or new backers. If they just sat back and made the game they would probably lose out on a significant chunk of extra moolah. Not to mention their forums would go completely to shit with people crying about how there was no news.

    Hell, they’ll probably make at LEAST half a million off of selling whatever ship wins the contest alone. It’s good marketing AND offloads some art requirements from their own team. It’s pretty much literally wins all around.

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